this past week has been pretty weird – my car was broken into, some of my favourite things were stolen and i’ve been wrestling with an irritating head cold that has overstayed its welcome. but, you know, it’s just a shitty time that will be quickly forgotten and supplanted in my memory by better days and great weeks to come – there’s no point in moping about and feeling sorry for yourself, right?

so i turned to the internet for some cheering up (this usually always works) and after a whole lot of browsing my eyes began to glaze over and i was just about to give up when i discovered the found photo collection of anyjazz65 – made up of over 4000 vintage photos which he has helpfully sorted over at his blog the lost gallery.

all photographs from the collection of anyjazz65


  1. I am sorry to hear that your week isn’t going well. These photos are pretty amazing though, that one with the girl with a bow in her hair is epic!

  2. Wonderful snaps, Thank-you!

    I love his sweet description of the camera as our only time machine and all the photo booth shots.

    O and Sorry some jerk stole your treasures, I hope they fall in some mud every day for at lease month and you feel better very soon.

    Best Emma-Jean

  3. Really sorry to hear about your loss. I think it’s okay to feel a little bit down about it especially since they were your favorites. I’m sure you’ll steadily build up some new ones. Hope you feel better soon. These photos are lovely. You are so good at finding beautiful images. Happy trails ahead…

  4. That really sucks about your car, keep looking ahead… Some great photograph choices, in particular I like the ladies & clown house, girl with wine bottle and who can resist a classic kiss?

  5. Ah sorry about people being jerkfaces. Theifs make me mad.
    what a radicool collection of photographs on the other hand!

  6. ‘There is always another bend in the road’ in the immortal words of Anne Shirley, its always what I try to remind myself when things are going rubbish, nothing is forever and soon will be better:)
    Thank you for sharing these photos though, they are beautiful!
    Jess x

  7. Thanks for the visit!

    Getting your car broken into is really annoying. It’s happened to me too.

    You know what to do. Learn and move on.

  8. oh bummer, it sucks when creepoes enter your life somehow. Glad you are nice and safe though. These pics are awesome too. Nice find!

  9. There’s something about looking at these kind of photos that makes me realize my life is passing in just such ordinary moments as these…
    Bummer about your favourite things.

  10. I’m sorry to hear that your week was so awful. I’d never have guessed from all the amazing things that you’ve taken time to blog about. Hope you bounce back!

  11. Christopher Reply

    Great collection of photos. So many moments in time. So much diversity. Well done and keep going.

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