whooooaaa there, what a week!  it ended on an extreme low when my laptop crashed due to a fatal hard disk error last night. so if things start slowing down around here it’s because i have no computer and subsequently no internet access. maybe that’s a blessing in disguise? i could use some time away from the little rectangular screen i find myself staring at most hours of the day. but you know, i’ll always find some way to update things around here though – don’t you worry.

i hope your week was better than mine and that your weekend is even greater.

jessica made the most amazing tres leches cake. i ate two pieces in a row, fast like.

tommy ton went to the couture shows and took ridiculous pictures of ridiculously cool looking fashion ladies:

bstore x liberty:

have been invited to an 80’s vs. 90’s party , but according to the rules i must dress 80’s because my birthday falls on an odd year. drats! was really excited to dress as vicki from reality bites. anyone got some good ideas for an 80’s costume?

kodachromes at a continuous lean:

girls in copenhagen are just different to you and me:

claire pestaille via honey kennedy:

this lookout cabin:

the colours on this girl:

 harlex via the shiny squirrel

these kids photographed by Dina Oganova:

how i met your style via amber:

glamour girls:

and finally, this pigeon made me lol and lol all week long…


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. That cake looks so delicious! I also LOVE those bags with the patterned fabric, they look gorgeous. It sucks about your computer, computer problems are some of the worst to try and fix in my opinion.

  2. Oh man sorry about your computer. My computer crashed a couple of months ago, I had a good cry about it and then got over it. You are right, sometimes it is a blessing in disguise.

    Lovin the bold colors on those girls and I think Reality Bites is one of my favorite movies. I would rather dress up 90’s but 80′ s will be fun too!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. so many great things here–and what lovely color combinations! I think I need that camera strap by shiny squirrel.

  4. I hope your computer gets fixed!

    To the last 80’s costume party I went to I dressed as Jane Fonda in her 80’s aerobic costume, it was so much fun! :))

  5. About your computer – are you sure it was a hard drive failure? I ask because I got the same message on my computer a few weeks ago but it was really a virus! If you can turn off your computer and turn it back on and it starts up normally until it gets to the main windows page, then it’s a virus. A bad one. But a totally fixable one. Just thought I’d let you know. I freaked out too, but then I researched a bit, did some fixing, and now it’s all better and I didn’t lose a thing.

    • aha! i was thinking the SAME thing as emily m. this exact same thing happened to me. it was the pits.

  6. So fun, everything! (minus your tragic computer crash… eek, worst nightmare) As for your 80s party, what about Ferris Bueller or Ducky? Mix it up and be an 80s guy!

  7. You always choose the best images! We go to 80’s prom every year and I can always find an appropriately hideous and reasonably priced vintage dress on etsy. I think the easiest thing, though, might just be Jennifer Beals in Flashdance– leotard, ripped sweatshirt, pointy red stilettos– done.

  8. In the ’80s, I can remember my typical uniform consisted of some sort of legging (I seriously owned a pair of spandex-type leggings in neon rainbow snake print) and an over-sized printed tee (if you want, you can knot one of the corners). Throw on some Keds, add a scrunchied pony tail (crimped if you can!), with layers of neon plastic bracelets, and you should be golden.

  9. oouuuuhh! I just got my computer back yesterday!!! hahaha hope U fix it soon! The pictures are amazing! love the girls on the street and the Harlex pictures!!
    Have a good weekend…

    Xxx from Formentera!! :D

  10. Whoa, that pigeon looks like he’s (assuming it’s a he, that is) been eating too many steroid worms or something. I do not think I would want to meet him while eating hot chips outside.

    Also, Reality Bites is one of my favourite movies ever!

  11. oh no! I think I would have a heart attack if that happened to my computer right now. I’m so dependent on it, that’s probably not a good thing! I hope you didn’t lose anything important.

    take care xx

  12. How about ally sheedy circa breakfast club. You can carry “too much shit” in your purse and eat sugar sandwiches.

  13. What a delicious looking cake. Nothing beats Vicki from Reality Bites – I say you break the rules (like Vicki would) and still replicate that outfit for the party.

  14. Hey !
    love the blog , question : how do you save pctures from style.com when i try it gives me a list of options for flash player ! I really want to add pics to a inspiration folder but alas it wont allow me ,

  15. Hello ,
    So i have a similar question to @Luke ,
    but it regards how to save images from tommy tons slide shows !
    i know how to get the thumnails of the runway shows and chance the t to fullscreen , but i cannot seem to find how to do this with tommy ton uploads !

    Love the blog

  16. Hi Diana,
    Just wondering if you know the name of the woman in the 3rd tommy ton photo wearing the grey shirt and headscarf?
    I have been searching through all the street style blogs to find a name but no such luck

    good luck with the computer! just reminds me I really need an external hard drive..

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