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Just a moment

still on holiday on this side of the world, but i have been keeping one eyeball on the internet – so thought i’d share some beautiful photos that have been crossing my path. normal posting to resume next week!

– by rogier houwen

– by nishe

– by lauren rosenbaum

– by beata wilczek

– by alex veledzimovich

– by tamara painé ciai

– by mervecan saral

– by maja malou

– by robert moses joyce

– by alexis mire

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  1. Oh! That Beata Wilczek photo was taken in a garden in Prague that I visited just three days ago! My boyfriend and I became a little obsessed with finding that great dripping wall after spotting it at a distance from Prague Castle – it is pretty surreal, and this picture does a great job capturing its sort of gothic mystery. The architect hid faces of people and animals amongst the stalactites, and there’s an aviary nearby filled with enormous owls!

  2. I am amazed by how beautifully these photos incorporate the human form into the beauty of nature. I am always puzzled by how to do this! Thanks.

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