Bathing caps with faces

why not!

speaking of bathing, it’s pretty scary that summer is around the corner. i have noticed the northern bloggers freaking out over their impending autumn and winter months – i would happily trade places with you! we have hardly had any rain, and it hasn’t been cold enough for my liking. it’s mid august and i am already wearing short sleeves and sandals. sigh.

all images from the life magazine archives photographed by ralph crane



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  1. says

    woah, is it really just about to be summer where you live!? After reading your post I just hadd to do a little research and google the South African seasons! summer from mid-October to mid-February? winter from May to July!? No way! That is so insanely different from California… ..or any other seasons I’ve ever known!

  2. Margaret says

    LOVE the button details on the swimsuits. Faces, on the back of hats, was the style. I had a knit hat in the early 60s, that I wore to a pet shop. In those days, monkeys could be sold in pet shops, and one grabbed my ‘face’ hat as my back was to the cage. The shop owner ensured me that the monkey wanted my hat, not me, but I was a kid, and really screamed. Today, I’d grab the monkey and run…and sell the hat on EBay. (I still remember how it felt as he grabbed my hair along with the hat. I hope he found a good home, sigh..the monkey…the hat…I’m sure went to Goodwill.)