have been quietly obsessing over this colour scheme for a while. decided to call it sherbert. yes, i know the correct spelling is sherbet – but i pronounce it sherbert. and since i am making up a colour scheme i may as well make up a word, too. it’s somewhere between art deco pink, peach, salmon and dusty rose… i guess it’s all of them combined.

clothing sources:

row 1: boyfriend shirt ; handbag ; top
row 2: chinos ; sandals ; blouse
row 3: t-shirt ; duffel bag ; clogs

photo credits:

row 1: tara ; juan bitar ; rising70 ; mallory dowd
row 2: samantha casolari ; mark weaver ; super bomba
row 3: erin powers ; laurent champoussin.
row 4: xavier encinas ; suzy wimbourne ; sara peixoto ; geraldine nicolo



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  1. says

    No way! I have spent a whole lot of years convinced it was sherbert. I can’t imagine saying it any other way!

    This is another amazingly designed layout – I’ve been looking at that a.p.c. shirt and the sandal/clogs quite often over the last week or so too – they are such an easy-going, muted kind of burnt sienna colour – art deco pink is definitely a good way of describing it.

  2. Christine says

    Can I interest you in a tiny sherbert bathroom? Free to good home? Around 40 years old, so just looking for somewhere to live out its *Golden Years*

  3. Debra says

    So surreal. On Monday I was thinking about the scene from Austin Powers with Christian Slater. You’re right, it should be sherbert and not sherbet (my autocorrect just disagreed with us).