these things issue no. 21

my second guest post for hila: now & then.

got a girl crush magazine launched this week – “photographs and interviews of ten ladies who we think are doing amazing things in our own backyards.”

everything about this girl by the sf style.

to be adored lookbook.

this photograph by randy p. martin.

floral dresses at dear golden.

these lyrics (always) – image by beata wilczek.

love these leather goods by wander found via all the mountains.

these bugs drawn by vladimir stankovic.

still love flare jeans + platforms. by stockholm street style.

this print.

a watermelon blouse (hello summer) – photo by sumeja.

a DIY herringbone table – LOVE this.

always love seeing the jazz age lawn party snaps. these are by lincoln taft.

this cat. his name is bruce. photo by katie west.

marion vidal jewellery.

these looks at totokaelo.

these dresses at gorman.

jewellery by bec brittain.

these custom made dresses by mrs. pomeranz.

and lastly, this koala – having a nap. photo by lilium.


  1. lots of lovely things, miss! think my fav has to be that print on the wall – so simple and yet so striking!

  2. Oh, Gorman! I love gorman. I tried on my first clogs there.
    I am on board with pretty much all these things, especially: Jazz Age Lawn Party (JEALOUS!), watermelon print, wall print and rope jewellery.
    Summer’s on it’s way!

  3. Now and Then was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. Love Christina Ricci! Those necklaces are amazing. Think I need one for fall. And the Koala is so adorable :)

  4. I loved Now and Then so much when I was a kid… I was the same age as the characters too. I need to watch it again :)

    And definitely, there’s no way that Christina Ricci turns into Rosie O’donell. What a bad choice.

  5. Oh lord, I loved this post. My lovely friend Elfee Duquette in San Francisco and Kallie at the Jazz Age.

    Thanks for the mention.

  6. Some friends and I are already planning to go to the Jazz Age Party next June, so I’m gathering all sorts of pictures for inspiration and movies to watch through Netflix, not to mention fabulous music…we’re going to have the best pre-party in our hotel room, oh yes. :)

  7. Ooooweee! Thanks, Diana. Not only for posting about our magazine, but for reminding me about Now & Then. Oh, Devon Sawa–where are you now?

  8. Love it! that Koala is CUTE, so is the first Gorman dress. I know that Now and Then soundtrack embarrasingly well!

  9. does anyone know a video store in cape town where i can rent this? i’ve been dying to, since i read this, but DVD Noveau doesn’t have it! :(

  10. Ooo, hadn’t seen SF Style before and I quite like it – that lady’s jewelry is wonderful!~

  11. my, my, my. I love most of the things you posted here (esp. that watermelon blouse). and now & then!! I was 10 when it came out and I remember l felt different after watching it. haven’t seen it in like 5 years. need to watch it again, and I might add that I love what they are wearing. back to the 90s!

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