Heaven Hill, as it is known to the few who have been lucky enough to experience it, is a Big Sur south coast mountain compound located on Alms Ridge and surrounded by vast expanses of protected National Forest in all directions. On the property’s thirty six acres of jaw-dropping wilderness, three creeks from the untouched Wild Cattle Creek watershed combine to form a year round stream that flows through the property’s massive cathedral of ancient redwoods.

– found via frankie (aka former the snail and the cyclops, now lawrence


  1. i’ve been wanting to return to big sur ever since i camped there as a child. sooooo beautiful and haunting. and haunted, actually. lots of history there!

  2. I always knew a road trip through the Pacific Northwest would be a good idea. This just adds fuel to the fire

  3. i love big sur! i visited it for the first time this summer and will soon be living about 30 minutes away from it. i can’t think of anything better!

  4. so very beautiful … having tried to camp close to Big Sur country and finding that a lot of the property is in private hands, it is wonderful to imagine that I could be living in these photos … lovely. :D

  5. Ahh! This property was on the market a few years ago. I remember seeing the MLS listing because my family was looking at property in the big sur/carmel area. IT IS AMAZING!!!

  6. Wow, so beautiful. I heard a lot about Big Sur when I lived in California but I never got the chance to make it out there. These photos are breathtaking, especially the foggy one (#2 I think).

    Love your site redesign as well!

  7. This is breathtaking. and I love how the url reads “bigsurreal…, it certainly is surreal in its absolute beauty.

  8. This looks like where I imagined Kerrouac hung out and wrote Dharma Bums

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