Of a Kind Giveaway!

*  the giveaway is now closed * congratulations to Laura! *

this is the first time i have ever done a giveaway on the blog – a pretty momentous occasion! and who better to kick off the giveaway fun than something special from Of a Kind? literally, very special. each week Of A Kind releases a limited edition item in a small batch, which is designed elusively for them. that means you can be one of only a few people in the whole world who has a one of a kind piece.

so, i’m psyched to offer one lucky reader this beautiful Pyrite Pyramid Necklace by Sophie Monet.

Pyrite – also known as fool’s gold – is courting the spotlight these days, and we haven’t seen the material put to better use than in this pendant necklace created by Sophie Monet. The shiny, irregular surface of the rock plays well with the smooth, geometric chunk of shedua wood.

…one of only 20 made! all you need to do in order to enter the giveaway is subscribe to the Of A Kind newsletter  (so you’ll be the first to hear about their new releases) and leave a comment below.

i’m also happy to tell you that this giveaway is open to anyone anywhere in the world as Of a Kind offers international shipping. readers outside the US must please note that, as with all international shipping, you may be subject to your country’s customs charges / import duties upon arrival.  the giveaway ends on Monday 12 September, and the winner will be randomly selected in a lucky draw.

all necklace images courtesy of Of a Kind, beach image by Sophie Monet.


  1. Anja says

    wow… always dreamed of having fool’s gold (conversation starter for sure) & the unique beautiful design is a bonus… holding thumbs

  2. jennyb says

    I *love* Of a Kind, and this necklace is fantastic. I’ve been eyeing it for weeks, willing it be mine… perhaps now’s my chance?

  3. says

    Beautiful! Love the combination of different elements here—and is that a rose gold chain? This is a really great fall statement necklace. I’m obsessed and will probably now become a Of a Kind junkie as everything else on their website is equally as interesting and beautiful.

  4. says

    Wow, what a beautiful necklace. I gave up wearing necklaces about a year ago, because I got bored with the ones I owned and I didn’t have the patience to go out in search of anything new and suitable. But I think I could wear this with just about everything I own, from my favorite button up shirts to a T-shirt to a simple summer dress. It would go with everything!

    (I also signed up!)

  5. Maria says

    Simply stunning. The softness of the wood in combination with the jagged of the rock. I’m in love with this piece. *fingers and toes crossed for luck*

  6. says

    hello, hello, what a great necklace!
    that very special connection of wood and stone is the final product i was looking for.
    May it give us the magical power for our next all-girl band concert- and the first gig out of town in Dresden/GER in november. This is VIVIAN VOID, with greetings from germany:)
    yours sarah

  7. Dada says

    honestly, this is my all time favorite blog, you’re doing a great job!

    hope to keep it for a very, very long time!

    bonne continuation,


  8. says

    Got so sucked into the One of the Kind website I nearly fogot to comment! Such a beautiful necklace and a wonderfully lovely and clever online store. Sigh, need to find me a rich man…

  9. Anja says

    So psyched about this giveaway and hope everybody in Amsterdam will ask me a gazillion times how and where I got this stunning necklace! Spread the <3

  10. Jennifer says

    Oh boy–this fool would wear the heck out of that fool’s gold pendant! Thanks for the chance to win. P.S. Of a Kind is a great site, too.

  11. Gina says

    What a beautiful, one of a kind piece! I would love to wear this with floaty summer dresses and colour blocked prints. Winning this would make my month!

  12. says

    What a great first giveaway!! Gorgeous jewelry is always a great way to get a gal’s attention! And Of a Kind is a fabulous, fabulous designer to promote! Excited!

  13. says

    it was love at first site really. i am going to visualise this necklace every night so that it will be mine! gonna make a mood board of this necklace! gonna write it down in my dreams book! (basically, i really want the necklace).

  14. says


    So, I put my hat in the ring … again.

    May Lady Fortuna smile on ME! and may this be the beginning of many giveaways to come for your blog Miss Moss.

    Loving your blog,

  15. Liz says

    I’ve been getting the Of a Kind newsletters for a few weeks now. I’m in love with the concept and many of the unique items they sell. Not sure how I missed this necklace!

  16. Brieanne says

    oh my!

    a necklace that combines a geometric wooden shape AND stunning pyrite?

    this would be such a treat to add to my fall wardrobe. I’m quite sure I would make the entire university campus jealous!


  17. Elizabeth says

    This necklace reminds me of the rock collection I had when I was a little girl! And the periodic table of the elements at Griffith Observatory! And… somehow… Superman.

  18. Lauren says

    This necklace is exactly the kind of gem I imagine coming across on my thrifting adventures. It is sharp and elegant but will always be reminiscent of a yester-year.

  19. marike says

    truly magnificent, utterly gorgeous. it combines so many aspects of love. I havn’t seen anything as lovely in many a year. I dream of it dangling around my neck.

  20. Chrissy says

    What I love about this necklace is that it takes what to me (as an ex-jeweller) is a metal that equally fascinates and repels me and make it into something modern, sexy and well considered. And (even more rare) something I would actually love to wear.

  21. sarah says

    I never win anything so I don’t have high hopes but I have to enter anyway…that necklace is STUNNING and just my style! I already subscribe to the newsletter. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  22. Samantha says

    What an ideal piece of jewelry – unfussy yet so stunning. I’m putting myself on a shopping freeze, so this would be a nice treat!

  23. says

  24. says

  25. Amy says

    Stunning Necklace!
    I’m always looking for new things to wear (more importantly) or bring into my classroom (Okay-this should be more important) to inspire my students creativity! This would do the trick for sure!

  26. Emma says

    I stumbled upon your blog this (Canadian) spring, and it’s been a source of inspiration and escape ever since. I may not get the necklace, but I hope you read this :-)

  27. Caitlin says

    OMG!! i am LOVING this blog! This necklace is very chic and cute! thank you for the opportunity to receive your newsletters and this pyramid necklace! :)

  28. says

    Hello! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!

    I was reading your “high School Fashion 1969” post and happened to see this giveaway contest!
    Thanks for sharing with us this beautiful necklace.

    Greeting from Malaysia. :)

  29. says

    I used to collect a fortnightly magazine about minerals and gemstones. Each issue came with a different precious/semiprecious item. With the first issue I got a chunk of pyrite.

    I remember I wanted to make a ring out of the pyrite. I was around 11 or 12 years old at the time. I found a piece of piping about the right diameter of a ring and I hammered into a block of wood to make a cast. Unfortunately I couldn’t manage to melt the pyrite with the soldering iron we had in the garage.

  30. says

    Seems that my competition is pretty stiff for the Of A Kind beaut ,but I have a sneaky suspicion that it will feel at home around my neck. Besides I will take care of my pyrite + shedua wood pyramid necklace as if its my little wee one.

  31. Meagen says

    I’ve always been a gemstone nut and seeing pyrite actually used in an innovative way is too flipping fantatic! Life would be indeed be made if I won that pretty x

  32. Francois says

    I know someone who would love this piece around her neck, in her bag (with the chain all tangled up) and sometimes hanging on the hook behind her door.

    *holding thumbs*

  33. bryanne says

    Thank you for such a great giveaway!

    Another beautiful piece from Of a Kind, I have been saving for a purchase since the post on the Votan necklace :)

    Cheers, good luck to everyone!

  34. says

    Beautiful necklace! My luck is never with me when it comes to give aways or raffles, but ill tell you this if by some magical reason (Hey Mr. Einstein said something like… if you didn’t believe in any kind of magic you’re as good as dead!) I was given the chance to specifically choose a give away or raffle to win up to this point in my life… I’d prob. go for this one ;)
    Thx for the post and for keeping up an amazing blog!

    Bonne chance to all!

  35. Ellie says

    Gorgeous necklace, and what’s more exciting than a giveaway?! Love the idea! Fool’s Gold was one of my favorites as a child….my brothers and I would bury it in the garden and the search for it like pirates! Lovely memories.

  36. nic says

    wow.. soo many comments already. this necklace is truly outstanding and what pulled me in to find and read this post and check out the website.. it would be one that’s worth to replace the jewellery I had stolen on my holidays…

  37. Kate says

    This necklace is speaking both to me and my unborn baby. The season is changing and I’m newly pregnant and unable to go mad on ANY new clothing. Jewelry and shoes it must be and this is a very special thing that would perfectly accessorise a very special (if not frustrating) time in my life…

  38. Emily Elizabeth says

    Beautiful necklace! And thank you for the heads up about the site, I hadn’t heard of it before and am glad to be on the email list.

  39. says

    oh, sure. i guess i’ll try to win this. i mean, it’s okay. (<– SARCASM! i love it — errr…. the necklace… not sarcasm. although i kinda love sarcasm, too.)

  40. Rebecca Yao says

    hi, I pretty love your blog.I can not stop to read it every day . I live in China,not good English:)
    the beautyful necklace,I do not want miss it, pls pike me,please…

  41. says

    This necklace embodies exactly what I’ve always wanted to hang from my neck. A piece that is unique and a conversation starter, yet subtle with the calming wood. It kind of reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture and I admire it greatly. I know this is to win a contest but I must say I admire your style and blog greatly and am overjoyed to have stumbled upon it.

  42. charmaine says

    It’s so difficult for me to find jewelry that I like. I can see my wardrobe and this necklace getting along really well. Would it help my chances to do the cliche, “I never win anything ever” moment? It’s true though. Pick me please, please please.

  43. alice m says

    I subscribed- I am in love with that beautiful necklace! Wearable art, for sure.

    Keep being awesome Miss Moss! Your blog is such a happy pretty place to visit! xo

  44. says

    What an amazing and lovely piece! I’d probably wear it with EVERYTHING I own and will probably be on the Of A Kind website all the time! Thank you for the great giveaway, and for a truly inspiring blog :)

  45. Michelle says

    I’ve been feeling blue these past couple days. No job, in school, no money so nothing nice. I stumbled across your website and when I saw that necklace, i fell in love. It’s beautiful.

  46. Madi says

    That necklace was MADE for be worn by me! I love it! My summer wardrobe NEEDS it….. seriously…… :)

    Love you blog by the way!


  47. says

    Stunning!!!! Would sooo love to win this! I have a few tiny pyrite cubes at home, they are amazing!
    Thanks for such a beautiful giveaway! love your blog. *fingers and toes crossed tightly!*

    Lucy joy x

  48. says

    this necklace is gorgeous! i grew up in a mining community in Northern Ontario and have a particular affinity for rock… pyrite was one of the gems of childhood! i would definitely cherish this beauty :)

    thanks for the lovely giveaway,


  49. nadia says

    ‘There’s a hole in the ladder, a fence we can climb
    Mad as a hatter, you’re thin as a dime
    Go out to the meadow, the hills are a-green
    Sing me a rainbow, steal me a dream….’

    The design is beautiful!

  50. Joyce xj says

    Love it. I think this necklace is such a timeless piece.

    and I love the inspirations you provide me everytime I check your blog out!

  51. says

  52. says

    Wow, there are already 550 comments to your post (sorry, I’ve been running behind with my reader) but I cannot resist writing nonetheless. The necklace is beautiful and so is your blog. Have a wonderful first giveaway, Diana aka Miss Moss!

  53. Julia says

    I know the chances are slim…but oh how I love this gem of a necklace. I would be so honored to have this dangle from my neck. **Fingers and toes crossed**

  54. says

    me and pyrite pyramids belong together. this necklace is amazing but not as amazing as you! just stumbled upon your page and am glad to say i am now going to be a regular : ) !

  55. knittykristy says

    My favourite erica weiner necklace was lost/broken during last night’s mischievous events, I would totally be happy if it was replaced by this sweet piece.

  56. Barbara Jean says

    TTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSS is LLLLLLLLLEEEEEEGGGGGGGGIIIIIITTTTT! in all seriousness though, it’s beautiful, modern, fun, sophisticated and charming all in one little dashing trinket!
    fingers CROSSED MOFOS!

  57. Jess Gagne says

    This necklace is so unique and fresh!! I would love to wear it all the time. Also, I loved the 1969 High School fashions entry!! Keep ’em comin’, love from your friend in the U.S. : )

  58. says

    Goodness – that’s a gorgeous necklace – I’m quite excited to enter your first giveaway!

    I just found your blog recently – it’s so nice to be following a fellow Southern Hemisphere dweller – I’m trying to get my head around Summer right now, too – my recommendations are vintage swimwear and gin + tonic. yum.

    Nice to ‘meet’ you!

    Leah xxx

  59. RuthA says

    I subscribed to them! I’m so glad to have done it too because I love the jewelry that they make :) I’m really hoping to win this one! I love that necklace, wood and gold? yes please!

  60. says

    If I want that one of a kind wood mexican pyramid with cluster rock? YES, please!
    It will be my amulet. Whole world, please give up, you don’t it like I do.
    Fingers crossed!

  61. Shaun Breslin says

    Dear lord… I LOVE Of a Kind but I’ve never had the opportunity to purchase any of their pieces. I would pretty much die to own this

  62. says


    It looks like some mystical pendant I’d have to go on a huge adventurous quest for!

    I think it would have to become my questing necklace, which I’d wear to roam the lands defeating evil foes and meeting cool monsters and mysterious friends.

    Ahem…back to reality….I’d love to win this. As I’m sure it’s been said many times already, that is a beautiful necklace. Gorgeously made, right on.

    Emmeline x

  63. says

    Loooooove this necklace! What a fantastic first giveaway. I’ve been a subscriber to Of a Kind! The pieces in their newsletter are always so special.

    lala.made.to.travel (at) gmail.com

    Thanks so much!!!

  64. Karen says

    I love all kinds of pyramids. The Eygpt ones, human-pyramids, and now of course, One Of A Kind’s pyramid. That’s three I like so far, and 3 is the number of points on a triangle… which is a 2D pyramid… oh dear.