School Spirit

i’ve been following Tavi‘s new online magazine Rookie“an online publication for teenage girls featuring writing, photography, illustrations, videos, and more” – since it launched this week …and i’m actually pretty jealous because i wish something as smart as Rookie had existed when i was a teen. readers are in for a treat just going by their list of contributors (many of whom i recognise from flickr and around the internet). one such person is Petra Collins who i posted about earlier this year – she styled & photographed this editorial for Rookie called School Spirit.

all photographs by Petra Collins for Rookie magazine



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  1. says

    I was so excited for Rookie’s launch! I agree with you – I really wish something like this had existed during my high school career. I think I picked up a fashion magazine maybe once or twice? (I got all of my editorials online through livejournal).

    This particular editorial is stunning!

  2. marie says

    actually it only launched yesterday, september 5th. (you said it launched barely a week ago but it wasn’t up until yesterday). that was the official launch date. anyway, exciting.

  3. tressie says

    mmmm, kinda porny in a light way….I thought teens were smarter than that….this reminds me of Rex Reed’s review of the movie Annie…he said it should have been named “Little Annie’s Panties”…..I haven’t gone to read anything, because I can’t get past the regressive titillation of teenage girls..