1. Stunning! I really love them…your´re a great artist!
    BtW, I read and; therefore, automatically love every thing you post. Your blog is my favourite, and the only one I follow on a regular basis (no time for others!).

  2. Beautiful but like Leah said, almost something slightly off about them. That being said, this is probably why I find them beautiful in the first place…

  3. these are just hideous, diana. what were you thinking?


    i love them endlessly. obviously! especially “in the garden”.

  4. these really are AMAZING. so much of what you do is so so so great, but when i saw these i was just floored. i would love to see more!

  5. oh wow these are incredible! You’re so talented and a clever cookie, count me in with those who’d love to know how you created them. x

  6. Thanks for sharing – it’s absolutely beautiful! Hopefully you are offering this to the masses – it would be a great business to start.

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  8. Hi Miss Moss,

    Just started looking through your blog today, and it’s great! I want to make Christmas surprises for my girlfriends, and the technique used with the backgrounds for these photos would be perfect. I want to mail them portraits of themselves…(get a package, you don’t expect anything, open it up and wham! gorgeous, soft coloured portrait, sweet and pretty.) I was thinking of watercolours, but now I love this. Is there anyway you would let us all in on the secret to doing it on Photoshop (or just email me!) so that I don’t have to figure it out by hand? Please please please???

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