Ines Amd

i think another round of summer psyching is in order – this time it’s thanks to the beautiful pink and blue tinted summer imagery courtesy of photographer Ines Amd. feels like something out of a sofia coppola film. you will be wanting to take a look at her exquisite portfolio.

all photographs by Ines Amd



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  1. says

    What a treat I’ve found on this Monday afternoon from my office in Los Angeles! Been following your blog for a year now and imagine my surprise when I logged on today and saw Ines’ photos! Summers ago, Ines and I were summer camp co-leaders together, her from Spain and myself from a sleepy new england town. We re-connected last week for the first time in years and how serendipitous it is that I see her work here on MissMoss. Cheers to exposing a gifted photographer to the masses!