i’ve been holding back on posting about the NYFW spring 2012 shows because i always go completely overboard and end up basically re-posting the whole of style.com over here. so i decided this time that i would pick only 4 pieces from some of my favourite collections – outfits i would actually wear / dream about wearing. jill stuart was the toughest to pick from, she really knocked it out of the park with this collection.

jill stuart:

steven alan:

erin fetherston:

marc by marc jacobs:

tracy reese:


tribune standard:


creatures of the wind:

band of outsiders:

vena cava:

costello tagliapietra:

luca luca:

jil sander navy:



all images courtesy of style.com


  1. I like this idea – restraint is the order of the day amidst so much excess, so many pictures of so many clothes usually just make me go ‘ugh, where to start?’
    I loved Jill Stuart, too, and your picks from Jil Sander Navy, Band of Outsiders and Araks have all made me swoon, a little!

  2. Goodness, all these outfits are lovely, can’t decide which I like the best – Steven Alan, Jil Stuart and Vena Cava maybe. Just need to earn A LOT of money between now and 2012!!

  3. i can’t believe you were able to narrow it down to four. jill stuart!! it was all so good…

  4. Gosh that was fun Miss Moss! Great job sifting through it all. Like the multiples of four … really works! :D

  5. this post was amazing! major props for only picking 4 look each- must have been so hard to choose

  6. I don’t know how you managed only 4 looks. But you did a fab job of it. Jill Stuart had me falling over myself, i had to post everything.

  7. I think I like TSE the most! Which is a surprise, I don’t own anything by that brand. Maybe it’s time.

  8. thanks for the recap! i haven’t been able to look through all the shows and now i don’t have to… :) definitely loving the jill stuart, marc jacobs swimwear, luca luca, vena cava, and jil sander navy! now if i could only afford to wear all these designers… sigh.

  9. Dustjacket Reply

    Oh I can relate, really great idea….maybe I should follow suit! Your pics are fab.

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  11. Oh my god, the Erin Fetherston collection is totally my style!!! I know it has been a while since this post was put up, but I haven’t been able to read the blog in a while, and I just wanted to say that it’s gotten even better!!!

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