Carven’s Technicolour Dream Dresses (and shoes and bags)

MAN! the Carven Spring 2012 collection made me ooh and aah with every dress, every shoe and every backpack. looking at each piece made me think of myself as a teenager – my sixteen year old self would have loved to dress like this every day. that’s not to say that 28-year-old-me wouldn’t want to dress this way every day… it would feel like i was always on a summer holiday, on the search for my next gelato.

oh and don’t even TALK to me about that mustard leather dress.

collages by me, runway images courtesy of Vogue.



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  1. says

    oh goodness, I love this post. I loved everything about this collection and literally want every piece, I hadn’t got a chance to look at the accessories but they are even better than the clothes! those technicolor heels with the baubles on the back?? tooooo good.

  2. Ana says

    Hi Diana!
    Lovely display with the ice-cream forms and vivid colour matching. I really enjoy your blog, your way of showing us things makes them look even nicer. Thanks for sharing your favorite pieces with us in such an stimulant way. Ana. Canary Islands, Spain.

  3. says

    I have to say – your collages are always pretty perfect. I love this one especially because it is of the Carven collection which easily amongst my very favourites of any collection during all the fashion weeks.