if there is a site i browse more than any other it has to be Flickr. i have close to 10,000 favourites on there and i add more every single day. i’m always desperate to share them with you, but most of the time i feel like i need to stick to some kind of mood or have a specific theme in mind when sharing because the blog isn’t supposed to be just a bookmarking site for cool stuff. not today. these are simply some of my recent Flickr favourites – i hope that you discover some great new photographers this way.

edit: i have turned this into a series – explore the photo bomb tag.

– by rosa de weerd

– by fabrizio mingarelli

– by geneviève bjargardóttir

– by len hurtado

– by zerno roli

– by davide salvi

– by alejandro melero

– by clemens fantur

– by dear claudia

– by xiu xiu

– by vivian hu

– by michael heck

– by heiner luepke

– by jess gough

– by mark peckmezian


  1. daang, diana! you find the best stuff. that cat in the fourth photo is spooky though.

  2. I am loving this collection! I’m going to go and flickr-stalk you so I can share your finds.


  3. Beautiful photos. When I start looking through Flickr photos I just can’t stop, it’s addictive =)

  4. love those pics! my fav is the one in the museum. do you think fabrizio mingarelli was yelled at for taking pictures in a museum??? x

  5. i could spend a single day just in flickr. i join so many groups and every day i swear i donate more time to looking through everyones uploads. there’s so many fantastic artists out there, it’s crazy!

  6. Beautiful photos. Can you believe I never look at flickr! I need to get out more. Thanks for sharing. Favorite one would have to be…. Zerno Roli, although the fish house comes in at a close second.

  7. Beautiful! I like the photo by Jess Gough, transports me back to summer. I also really like the photo of the trees by Vivian Hu. Flickr is great,we just did a blog post including some nice Flickr finds.

  8. You’re so good at this! I feel like my time on Flickr is so unproductive. Do you just search for different things you’re interested in at any given moment or click through people’s collections and links, stumbling upon whatever’s related? Either way, thanks for sharing!

  9. Thank you for the incredible suggestions. How do you find such amazing people to follow in the first place?

  10. I am also a flickr-favoriting addict. And I have so many favorites I want to share too but always end up not because for some reason I think I need a theme. I love your favorites. Although you didn’t have a theme, there’s a definite common denominator. All the pictures have this grainy, pleasant, calmness about them. (lol and just recently I did a flickr-favorite post where I made the theme, polaroids.. :P )

  11. That chick in the first photo is hot <3 reminds me of that chick from the movie Yes MAN!

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