so i told you last week that my pals Jessica & Luke were getting married over the weekend. i was a bridesmaid along with Jessica’s twin sister Debra, and also one of the many unofficial official photographers. i’m really happy with how these photos came out – and even happier that i could capture some special moments from the day.

i have been witnessing the planning of this wedding from the day that Jessica and Luke got engaged. it was always going to be an intimate affair, with minimum fuss and a focus on everyone just enjoying themselves. they got married in the church Jessica and her family have attended since she was a kid, and had their reception down the road at their restaurant Nook. there were burgers and beer (my favourite), fries and mayonnaise to dip them in (my second favourite) and even devilled eggs (probably my all-time favourite).

i don’t have any photos from the actual ceremony, and my picture taking habits got increasingly worse the more we ate, drank and chatted – which is exactly what this wedding was all about. good times & celebrating with our favourite people.

the flowers were done by Hermien of Flowers in the Foyer – the funnest wedding flowers i have ever seen.


  1. Congratulations to them! I love a simple and beautiful wedding that keeps the most important things up front. A million years of wedded bliss to come! :)

  2. Frances White Reply

    your photos are *BEAUTIFUL*
    and the flower arrangements are heavenly!
    there’s nothing quite like a special friend’s wedding and the ensuing celebration of love, happiness, dreams, hopes, friends, family and all the good things in life *beam*

  3. Wow! Beautiful photos. Such a colourful and unique wedding – but still crisp and light, which I like.
    Your dress is very pretty too :) It’s pretty much perfect.
    I would love to be someone’s unofficial wedding photographer… too much pressure to get it right otherwise lol.

  4. You are such a talented photographer! Beautiful! and I love the flowers too – so natural and unexpected but also so playful. Stunning event all around!
    xo Allison
    Spicer + Bank

  5. What a beautiful wedding! I love all the little details–the paper cranes, flowers in bottles, quirky illustration of the couple, etc. And your dress is just perfect; I’m digging the color and subtle little polka dots.

  6. i love love love the photographs! simply perfect and beautiful. you really did an amazing job!
    congratulations and a lifetime of happiness!!!!

    ps i am an official wedding photographer:)

  7. Small, pretty, perfect! Love everything about the wedding, especially those dresses and the flowers! You photos are really stunning too – sssho, should have asked you to be our unofficial official wedding photographer:)

  8. These are really really good! So light and beautiful – great atmosphere. I love her hair and that little chain on the back of her dress!

  9. These photos are beautiful; so glad to see them as they are without a “treatment” added to them. You found (and captured) gorgeous light!

  10. Gorgeous photos, this wedding is absolutely stunning. I’m in love with the flowers, they look like they were just picked from a field.

  11. i love it. what a sweet, perfect looking celebration of a day! pretty flowers, dresses, pinata and all!!

  12. What a beautiful celebration – those flowers are amazing! The bride looks gorgeous, very elegant and I love your bridesmaids’ dresses too. This is so what I’m wanting for mine next year. Congrats Jess & Luke!

  13. is that you in the polka-dotted dress? looks like you … if so, awesome dress, you look quite lovely. This is how I would want my wedding to look – no matching bridesmaids, or over-the-top-ness (yes, I just made that up). Gorgeous snaps Diana.

  14. Beautiful pictures! I always thought you need a special focus to take shots on such a hectic day like a good’s friend’s wedding, but you were able to capture the loveliest details, very sweet!

  15. oh goodness, how beautiful and fun! I want this wedding! and those flowers – incredible! many congratulations, they look so happy. lovely photos!

  16. Oh i do love these and those flowers are too beautiful. Also love the paper cranes in the tree, perfect!

  17. these pictures are stunning! I particularly liked the jumping on the bed one. I’m almost 26 and I still jump on every hotel bed I come across. It’s a must!

  18. there was such a calm and peace that came over me while i looked at these photos! the simple beauty and joy of life was expressed in everything. a perfect day leading to a perfectly happy life. thanks for sharing.

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  20. Amazing flowers… would expect no less from the people behind Nook! I miss their steak sandwiches and general adorableness.

  21. Wow. Such beautiful pictures for such a soft wedding. Makes me want to divorce my husband just to marry him again. Sigh.

  22. Stumbled upon your site. Your pictures are lovely! May I ask where your dress is from? It is perfection!

  23. Nos Makunga Reply

    memorable and imprinted in deeply in the mind and the heart forever…thanks for sharing those moments with us in conversation, Nox

  24. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but it’s the first time I see this beautiful post! Would you happen to know the label of the dress the other bridesmaid wore?

    • it was from ASOS – Jessica actually bought it to wear as her wedding dress originally, then she found the one that she eventually ended up wearing and Debra (her twin) wore the lace number :)

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