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More Wall Space, Please

i change the pictures on my walls pretty regularly, and i’m gradually aiming to replace stuff i’ve printed out from the internet (yes, i’m on a budget – don’t judge) with real art made by talented people.

vu de l’extérieur print by fieldguided:

fin iii by richard roberts:

summer fruit & winter fruit by claire nereim:

texas by curtis jinkins:

get back to work by steady print shop co:

dueling watson the cat by medium control :

la lune by double merrick:

chronic bitchface by kris atomic:

sweater by karolin schnoor:

mountains by leah duncan:

b&w wave by rinn:

perfect twist by debbie carlos:

homestead by beauchamping:

process colour triangle print by desTroy:

lion for a day by random objects:

think from felt & wire:

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  1. Bonny Flame says

    THANK YOU for writing this post! I have been trawling through all sorts of art sites, looking for new prints to buy, and end up feeling so overwhelmed by it all that it eventually becomes uninspiring. Either you have great perseverance or have just been looking in the right places – I will check out all the links when I wake in the morning! Double thanks and kisses from down under.

  2. Love the get back to work poster!
    The photo reminds me of the upper Hudson River, way upper Upstate New York along Route 8 or somewhere near there.

  3. I may need to get that chronic bitchface print and just carry it around with me everywhere I go. Is either that or print “I’m not angry, this is just how I look” on a t-shirt and wear it all the time…

  4. Hi Diana,
    I just curated a show of international artists responding to Iceland (in the Detroit area, of course). The posters for the show are designed by one of our Art Department gallery interns. It’s pretty lovely, screen printed, and reminds me a lot of the posters you’ve featured here. Here’s a link to an image of it on my blog:
    Let me know if you’d like me to send you one so you have another piece of “real art” :)

  5. a) I think print outs and magazine cutouts have a certain scruffy charm to them.
    b) I’ve had both of those giant photo blow ups on my Etsy favourite list for ages – they’re so lovely!
    c) definitely need to investigate bulldog clips as a hanging method. x

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