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The Locals

i absolutely adore sites like The Selby and Freunde von Fruenden that let us peek into the homes of (mostly) ordinary people. the kind of spaces that won’t necessarily be featured in a fancy interior magazine, where pets are allowed to chill on the furniture and rooms aren’t perfectly immaculate. The Locals is another happy discovery that showcases the apartments of people living in Moscow.

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  1. Lovely! I want to live in each of these spaces. This is giving me a long list of ideas for my own place (someday soon, I hope!). Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  2. this is awesome, the thing i love about this kind of site is that they show real places from day to day life, so it’s not like all the stuff have been put in place on purpose for styling interior mags. i only know the selby but have never heard of the other 2 sites, going to stroll around what they’ve got now! thanks for sharing!!

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