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Nice Things No.1

Nice Things no.1. not a these things, but rather a nice things i would buy or even a nice things i think you should buy.

desert bag:

idea journal:

wonderful things card:

clutch by leah goren & kaye blegvad:

vest by selfi:

mozzarella cheese making kit:

paper mache bowl:

bone knife, fork & spoon set:

cooking secrets notebook:

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  1. I love the idea of “amazing ideas that will change the world” though I doubt I have any…and I defiantly into the wonderful thing card…as for mozzarella cheese making kit it’s the first time I know that such kit existed or that you can make mozzarella at home….i guess that would be a secret to put in my “cooking secrets notebook” which are adorable by the way.
    Can’t wait for the second batch of your favorite things!

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