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Nice Things No.3

nice things no.3 – necklace edition.

ceramic woven necklace by kate miss:

iacoli & mcallister necklace no. ultra at sight unseen:

ivory rope necklace by sew a song:

tourmaline & silk cord necklace by the vamoose:

art deco bronze tiered necklace from seaworthy:

scale necklace by laura lombardi:

faux leather ami necklace by homako:

kora bow tie necklace at pour porter:

fig. 3 a by emedemarta

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  1. Madeleine says

    I love all of these. I see Christmas gift for all the ladies in my family: my mom, sister- in-law and me.
    And I love the prices for many of them too. Can’t wait to get shopping.

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