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inspired by this post by lauren about francoise gilot i decided to do some vintage picasso hunting Рand of course the life archives delivered. picasso lived in the town of vallauris on the french riviera for 7 years where he created ceramics at the madoura workshop (amongst other things of course Рthe man was nothing if not prolific). francoise is pictured in this series of photographs taken in 1949 by gjon mili, though she eventually left picasso after a myriad of infidelities.

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  1. The number of topless photos makes me happy for some reason – maybe when I’m that old and famous, I won’t worry about wearing a shirt either?

  2. Oh, these are truly magical. I love the double exposures. I feel like I know him a bit looking at these….?! and the light exposures are pretty pretty amazing.

  3. A huge picasso exhibit was just touring the US and I was lucky enough to live across from it in Richmond and got to go multiple times (thanks VMFA membership!)

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  5. love the light photos I’ve never seen those before. How was that done without him being a blur in the background? Fun and beauty….

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