Nice Things no.1. not a these things, but rather a nice things i would buy or even a nice things i think you should buy.

desert bag:

idea journal:

wonderful things card:

clutch by leah goren & kaye blegvad:

vest by selfi:

mozzarella cheese making kit:

paper mache bowl:

bone knife, fork & spoon set:

cooking secrets notebook:


  1. Nice nice , very nice things to add to the ‘I want list’

    Looking forward to more of this series.

  2. The purse, the journal, the bag, the BOWL, bone utensils- i love them! I saw that bowl on Etsy not so long ago and loved it. Very nice!

  3. I love the idea of “amazing ideas that will change the world” though I doubt I have any…and I defiantly into the wonderful thing card…as for mozzarella cheese making kit it’s the first time I know that such kit existed or that you can make mozzarella at home….i guess that would be a secret to put in my “cooking secrets notebook” which are adorable by the way.
    Can’t wait for the second batch of your favorite things!

  4. Would you mind fixing the link for the cutlery? So gorgeous and would love to buy!

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