Noémie: Things I Like Right Now

when Noémie sent me her things i like right now she had sorted it all in a handy pinterest board (there are some extras in there not on list list, so go have a look). the design of the collage came out pretty naturally as a result. Noémie is a Toronto based blogger behind As Ink Remains – another of my inaugural sponsors.

  1.  CAT PLATE: I’m pretty obsessed with all things kitty – and this plate from Donna Wilson would just make my day.
  2. RACHEL COMEY GARRET LACE-UP: I love how these look a little tough and could totally give any outfit a bit more edge.
  3. CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA KITTY FLATS: leopard print + kitty face = perfection.
  4. THE CIVIL WARS: I’m really into their soulful take on folk music.  Barton Hallow is great listening.
  5. ICE CREAM POSTER: I’ve been eying this Debbie Carlos poster for ages… about time I make a purchase. It would look pretty awesome hanging over my couch.
  6. GARNETT JEWELRY BRASS BANGLE: I’m thinking this would look great with my Future Mister’s name on it, or a significant date on the underside…
  7. ISABEL MARANT MATI PULLOVER: I’m in love with anything heathered, or marled, or salt and pepper. Would probably look great over some chambray or an oxford.
  8. HOPE CAPTAIN SWEATER. Salt and pepper sweaters… what can I say – I love them.
  9. BLACK KEYS NEW ALBUM: El Camino has been on my radar ever since my obsession with Brothers.  Lonely Boy is currently the song I turn to when I need to turn a frown upside down.
  10. ALEXA CHUNG: no, not talking about her style, but her hair. I wish mine did what hers does on a daily basis.
  11. ANYTHING COFFEE: I’m obsessed with cafe mochas and americanos. Crema in Toronto does some good coffee too.
  12. ICELAND: I’m convinced I’ll live in Iceland for a few years of my life. These photos from Grandchildren are so soft and ethereal.
  13. STICK-PINS: I’m really into collar tips right now, but stick pins are a nice alternative too.
  14. HIGH WAISTED UNDIES: These ones from The Loved One are lovely.  They’re only thing that makes sense under high waisted pants! (They’re also way sexy)
  15. ISABEL MARANT COAT: I’ve been shopping for something less “parka” and more lady. This is a beautiful option.
  16. JACK SPADE BRIEF: What better way to carry a laptop than in this?
  17. YELLOW MOUNTAIN: I lived in China for a year and climbed a mountain that looks just like this. Sometimes when Toronto is being a jerk, I think back on it and miss it tons!
  18. SHIRTS UNDER SWEATERS: I’m obsessed. All I want to wear these days are shirts buttoned all the way up, with a sweater that’s a bit too short over it.

Photo Bomb No.2

the first photo bomb post (where i shared some flickr favourites) turned out to be pretty popular, so i have decided to make this into a series. the fact is that i discover far too many cool snaps on flickr to allow a post dedicated to each and every photographer, so this is a great way for me to share wonderful work with you.

i’m going to try to make these a bit more theme-y so that there is at least a common thread of some kind… this edition is dedicated to magical girls.

please click on each image to be taken to the original on flickr.

– by Ekaterina Grigorieva

– by Philipp Bartz

– by Maren Celest

– by Alison Scarpulla

– by Marina Refur

– by Tata Uskova

– by Melchior Tersen

– by Anna Arroyo

– by Yana Lozeva

– by Alena Chendler


Sherisa: Things I Like Right Now

continuing with the things i like right now series, introducing another of my inaugural sponsors – Sherisa of L’elephant Rose. she is offering a 10% discount in her shop if you use the code missmoss until the end of November!

  1. “I cannot believe that the purpose of life is to be happy. I think the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be compassionate. It is, above all to matter, to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you lived at all..” ― Leo Rosten. A friend of mine paraphrased this the other day and it spoke absolute volumes about what I’m trying to convey every single day I’m alive.
  2. Zoya nailpolish. I have purchased at least 25 bottles this year alone. That’s more polish than I think I’ve ever bought in my entire life. I’m totally nail obsessed.
  3. Photos of the Brooklyn Bridge. Because I miss that bridge beyond reason. I miss taking the train in to work every morning at 6am when the world was just waking up.
  4. Butternut Squash. It is the only soup I’ll have and eat 10 times a day if put in front of me. Here is a recipe to my favorite kind. I add leeks and a bit of ginger for bite.
  5. Metronomy. They are currently the sound of all things happy.
  6. Skype. It has made moving to the other side of the world bearable. I get to skype with my mom once or twice a week for a few hours and it’s real time. We see each other. Plus it makes talking to my friends in other countries easier too.
  7. Bicycle riding. I hated bikes up until summer of this year. I got a pretty big scar falling this year, but the convenience and ease with getting around the city is unmatched. Plus, I’ve never learned a city based on cycling.
  8. Dream catcher tattoos. My husband and I got almost identical dream catcher tattoos this year as our wedding tats. I’ve always loved them and plan on getting a bunch of dream catchers for a corner in our home.
  9. Succulents. They are like thick beautiful green flowers. Only they aren’t. That works fantastically for me because I’m allergic to flowers.
  10. The work of this talented artist, who also happens to be my husband. Dennis de Groot.
  11. Margaret Kilgallen‘s awesome amazing work and her book.
  12.  Veggies. I’m Vegetarian.Vegetables rock!
  13. Being Married. Corny, perhaps. But I love my husband and being married is just the awesomest thing ever since our entire 4 years prior were long distance. Long as in 3000+ miles apart. It’s nice to love in the same home. Photo Credit: Brandon King – BK BOOTH
  14. Amsterdam. My new home. I’ve been here one year and one month and I can almost safely say this place feels really comfortable.
  15. Pixel, our most adorable baby kitteh. I have never been a cat person, so for him to win my heart right away speaks volumes. I love that he keeps me company when I’m home working and he follows me like he’s my shadow. That’s my baby.



Bicycle Portraits Part III

i’m sure you remember my post about the Bicycle Portraits project earlier this year. Nic & Stan are currently running a kickstarter fund to raise money in order to publish the third and final part of their project which showcases their two year journey of capturing people and their bicycles across south africa.

Stan Engelbrecht & Nic Grobler are publishing the best 165 portraits and stories of the over 500 portraits of cyclists they’ve photographed during their 2 year journey around South Africa. Divided over 3 books, each will contain a different 55 stories, and also two essays each by local South African and major international cycling figures. The books are designed by Gabrielle Guy and they have also collaborated with celebrated South African artist Gabrielle Raaff to create an individual hand-painted watercolor map, based on Google Maps, to indicate the location of each of the portraits.

the video gave me instant goosebumps (how’s that rendition of stayin’ alive!) and the watercolour maps are such an amazing touch to an already beautiful visual story. please support them by pledging to their kickstarter!


Paulina Surys

boy did i spend a lot of time looking through the portfolio of Paulina Surys, a london based polish artist and photographer who makes use of hand-developing and hand-colouring techniques in the darkroom. the results are simply breathtaking. she is represented by mystery management and you can also check out her flickr stream.

all photographs by Paulina Surys



Mónica Muñoz is the talented designer behind Moniquilla – a fashion range featuring her beautifully unique textile designs.  i have been poring over the latest autumn / winter lookbook which you can see in its entirety here. if you want to find out more about her prices & ordering information just email info [at] moniquilla . com


These Things No.28

a very quick these things before i sign off for the weekend. issue no.28!

oh dear megan’s s/s 12 lookbook photographed by alix & styled by kate:

beautifully handmade leashes & pet tags by blink:

enjoying this tumblr: neira – a fashion journal:

up in the air somewhere via the shiny squirrel (they’re on etsy too):

below R300 – a tumblr dedicated to outfits that cost les than R300 (that’s about US $36):

ermie F/W ’11 lookbook photographed by kate miss:

sous style via wolfeyebrows:

diane keaton’s new book via tomboy style:

lydia shirreff via mint:

ahoy ahimsa jewellery via garnett’s blog:

some recent greats over at superbomba:

jewellery by  nylon sky:

trench bridge (so clever):

this megaphone blew my mind. via nicework ramble:

and finally, this is the mantra i’ll be living by this weekend:


Turned Out by Maya

i am subscribed to a lot of blogs. a LOT of blogs. it is not unusual for my reader to shout at me that i have 1000+ unread items. actually it’s more like i’m shouting at my reader because i have 1000 unread items, right? anyway, i keep that shit organised, son. everything is sorted into folders according to theme. you might say i have google reader ocd.

there is however one folder that only has about 20 feeds in it – my favourites. blogs i will read every day, no matter what, no matter how little time i might have. whether it’s during a work break, or while i’m nursing a cup a coffee – these are my go-to sites. Turned Out by Maya is one of them.

“a little website that aims to inspire with daily posts of street style photographs and profiles on interesting people with great personal style (in cities like) Sydney, Paris, New York, Auckland and Berlin.”

so says Maya Villiger, a self-taught photographer originally from Switzerland. looking through her photos gives you the feeling like Maya is pals with all the girls she photographs – or at least i like to think she is.

all photographs by Maya Villiger