Amy Scheepers

i was reminded yesterday about local photographer Amy Scheepers when Angie posted about her on It’s What I’m Into. i remember being impressed by her work when i spotted a feature on her on 10and5 earlier this year, but since i look at about a billion things on the internet everyday i forgot to share the goodness.

well, i’m sharing now! what impresses me most about amy is that she, like many young rad people, consistently pursues and refines her craft. as a student photographer her work is better than a lot of professional stuff i’ve seen. be sure to visit her website and blog – and if you’re looking for a photographer in South Africa, this is your gal.


Illustration Station

someone emailed me the other day asking what happened to my illustration section. i decided to group illustrations under art when i did the blog’s redesign – but you can still browse the illustration tag if you like.

which reminds me, i have been seeing some great stuff around lately. really need to get my drawing on again.

cotton candy by mick alister:

dark waters by riikka sormunen:

work in progress by denise nestor:

by lizz conley:

2012 calendar by camilla engman:

nosebleed by sepehr nabi:

by tatsuro kiuchi:

merci by emma block:

untitled by melissa castrillon:

valentino 2012 beauty by madame lolina:

les confitures bonne maman by laura manfre:

french women by isaac bonan:

yawn for me by mina milk:

the room #1 by jiiakuann: