Jeremy Kohm

Jeremy Kohm‘s photographs are wonderful. you can buy some of his work at 20×200. i particularly love this one… feels like somewhere Margot Tenenbaum would have a swim.


Cabinet Curiosites

ok first of all – if i had a chance to go to Paris right now i would be willing to stay in a tiny room with no windows in the basement of a youth hostel. i don’t expect luxury when i travel, and i’m not in the habit of booking into boutique hotels or expecting perks like room service or egyptian cotton sheets (is that still considered luxurious? what’s desirable when it comes to sheets these days?)

BUT! i couldn’t help but getting lost in the website of La Maison Champs-Elysées, a 5 star boutique hotel located between the Avenue Montaigne, the Champs Elysées Roundabout and the Grand Palais, and boasting suites decorated by fashion designer Martin Margiela. There are many bright white rooms typical of boutiques like this, but the one that really caught my attention was the Curiosity Case Suite

Like a carbon cube, the walls are painted black and the parquet oak floor has been stained black. In the lounge, a wall is devoted to a curiosities case that displays various objects and texts. The dominance of black in this suite creates a delightful atmosphere that manages to be hushed & voluptuous at the same time.

this room just deepens my love for dark walls & bedrooms

 seen via design tripper



i don’t know whether to high five or punch nic grobler (of bicycle portraits, who i posted about here) for introducing me to the gahetNA National Archives. high five because it’s AWESOME, of course, or punch because i lost hours of my life browsing its magnificence.

i decided to start off with a simple keyword – strand meaning beach in dutch (having afrikaans on my side helps in this case, but google translate should get you on the right track) in order to get some vintage summer psyching going on.


Amy Scheepers

i was reminded yesterday about local photographer Amy Scheepers when Angie posted about her on It’s What I’m Into. i remember being impressed by her work when i spotted a feature on her on 10and5 earlier this year, but since i look at about a billion things on the internet everyday i forgot to share the goodness.

well, i’m sharing now! what impresses me most about amy is that she, like many young rad people, consistently pursues and refines her craft. as a student photographer her work is better than a lot of professional stuff i’ve seen. be sure to visit her website and blog – and if you’re looking for a photographer in South Africa, this is your gal.