thanks to jen for reminding me about the radness that is JF & SON. there are just too many cool shops out there, and i often forget to check in on their websites… i think someone needs to set up some kind of rss feed for that.

JF & SON’s fanatical obsession with textiles informs the company’s approach to production and design. working with hand-weavers throughout india, the company develops custom fabrics, which are sent to the vertically integrated JF & SON studio in new delhi. in this creative environment JF & SON authors a new design vernacular, combining elements of modernism with traditional methods of beading, embroidery, and printing. by partnering with artists and artisans from new york to india, JF & SON meets its ideals of fairness in labor while reinforcing its commitment to community and collaboration everywhere.


  1. I used to stop in to JF & Sons on my walks home from work weekly and just TOUCH things – everything is so beautifully made, in a very approachable way. love this. you reminded me about them too!

  2. So beautiful. I love that triangle print on some of the shirts and dresses, and that first ombre dress is stunning.

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