spotted this picture on jessica’s tumblr and immediately began a hunt to find the maker. let me take this opportunity to tell you about a handy tool that allows you to track down the original source for images you may find on places like tumblr, pinterest, ffffound, we heart it etc – places that are notorious for sharing content without crediting the original artist / photographer / blogger. i’ve been using src img ever since kristina tweeted about it and it really does work!

anyway so, Mermaid (or Rusalka in russian). this is was shot by Nika Kurnosova with Olga Moskvina as the mermaid. what a beautiful and ambitious shoot, something i’d expect to see on the pages of Vogue – quite Annie Leibovitz-esque.


  1. These images are breathing taking.
    I also love src img. It just drives me bat crazy when people do not take the time to properly give credit to the original source

  2. Wow, definitely have not seen a photo shoot like this one before! You’re right– very Annie Leibovitz-esque. I wonder if the model knew she’d be holding a fish against her face when she showed up to work that day.

  3. Look up “Mermaid Melissa” if you want a real looking mermaid wow factor! Nice to see images of a black mermaid tail though on this model.

  4. Thank you so much for the tip, I always want to know where the originals come from so I can credit them. I’ll be using that solidly from now on.

    Oh and they are beautiful pictures!

    Emily x

  5. Magical pictures!
    This src img is a really helpful thing!!! There are so many beautiful pictures in the net – without any link back to the original source…sometimes there to beautiful not to share them… Now I know how to find the sources. Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. Brilliant! Thanks for the src img whotsit – will try spread the word too. Have a happy holiday D! V x

  7. this is brilliant!

    and thanks for tweeting about src img – I’ve been using it to track down the original sources of many images blogged and re-blogged on tumblr without credit. You know what really annoys me the most on tumblr though? When bloggers not only don’t provide their image source, but also go out of their way to link every image to their own blog, as if it’s their own image. I’ve seen people do this to your own images diana (i.e. your colour comparisons, and the like) and it just bugs me everytime.

  8. You can also go to google and click on images then drag a picture into the bar and it works :)

  9. WOW! All these images are gorgeous…my favorite is the third! I really love the detailing in the outfit that truly makes her look like a mermaid. Totally obsessed.

  10. Thank you SO much for pointing me to the src-img bookmark!! This is incredibly helpful and I will pass it along to as many people as I can!

  11. Enchanting….and (this is dorky) they remind me of Game of Thrones somehow (Sansa?). Or maybe that new Pixar movie Brave. Just something ancient and ethereal about them.

  12. or you can just drag and drop the photo on google image and it works perfectely too ! :)

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