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Peter Jensen Resort 2012

i don’t know how i missed the Peter Jensen Resort 2012 collection inspired by early Meryl Streep (think Manhattan, Kramer vs Kramer, Deer Hunter) – but it is definitely worth a second look. i remember watching Manhattan for the first time (my personal favourite, i prefer it even to Annie Hall) and being struck by Meryl’s beauty.

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  1. Manhattan is my favorite Woody Allen movie too (despite how difficult it is to choose), and this Peter Jensen resort collection is such a fabulous tribute to Meryl Streep!

  2. The collection is fantastic, but what I like even more about the lookbook is how the photos have a Cindy Sherman quality to them. It must be the makeup and wig, the mix between Iekeline’s features and the Meryl Streep inspiration–to me, they give an awesome and odd Sherman-like result!

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