1. It’s eerie how they captured the essence of Meryl, in some the model looks so much like her without trying to imitate her

  2. Oh gosh, these colours! There isn’t one thing in this collection that I wouldn’t be happy to wear (EVEN THE PANTS!)

  3. Manhattan is my favorite Woody Allen movie too (despite how difficult it is to choose), and this Peter Jensen resort collection is such a fabulous tribute to Meryl Streep!

  4. The collection is fantastic, but what I like even more about the lookbook is how the photos have a Cindy Sherman quality to them. It must be the makeup and wig, the mix between Iekeline’s features and the Meryl Streep inspiration–to me, they give an awesome and odd Sherman-like result!

  5. I was surprised by how much I actually liked these. Never seen Manhattan though, I guess I better look into it.

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