Scenes of Life by Lucie & Simon

Lucie & Simon’s projects are conceived as series of photographs (Earth Vision, Scenes of life, Living images, Silent World) which all outsmart our perception of reality by staging a quirky view of daily life. From urban or family solitude to existential wanderings, their compositions capture different moods of man’s silent melancholy, focusing on the narrow chink between our existence and the world of dreams. In an enigmatic universe rekindling the memory of Edward Hopper’s paintings, each character seems totally absorbed by the timelessness of dreams.


  1. Love all the photos.
    They say that art is when you produce other people feelings.
    So this is art.

  2. Oh, these are fabulous! Very simple, but so interesting and well done.

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  4. Wonderful! Better, in a way, than seeing into another world: experiencing a fresh view of our own. I did feel vertigo pulling at me…

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