one of my new years resolutions should probably have been to stop complaining about the heat. i live in africa, i have done for 28 years, i need to get over it. WELL. that will never happen. i actually day dream about the cold. i look at pictures of girls wearing crisp camel coloured coats and actually get kind of weepy. i am particularly drawn to the lovely dark mix of blacks, browns and navy… accessorised with beautiful leather bags and jaunty hats. sigh.

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  1. Ana says

    I live in Sweden and I dream about summer all the time. Maybe we could swap! Ps: I’m from France and I can’t believe my in-laws are complaining because this winter isn’t that cold.

  2. says

    I live in NJ and it’s been pretty mild, but today in the 30’s…dreaming of warm weather on my skin. Sometimes the snow makes winter not so dreary though..still waiting on that. Enjoy the warmth!

  3. Lumina says

    we always long for things we can’t get… I live on the northern hemisphere, and during winter I always complain about the cold and miss summer. but I promise I’ll try to enjoy the freezing weather :)

  4. says

    oh guysss, come on! it’s a tender spot for me, all this hot and cold weather issue so don’t want me to start! I’ll just say that I don’t know how all these girls from the pretty street fashion pictures do that. if it’s cold enough to wear an autumn/winter coat then it’s too cold to go unbuttoned. layering it up might seem fun at the first glance but when every morning you have to solve the problem what to wear in order not to freeze your butt out and then give up and put tights+leggings+trousers and a tee+a turtle neck+the warmest and the most baggy sweater – not fun anymore. because this is the real layering. uhhh. light skirts, dresses, shorts – yes, please!
    I guess it’s in human nature… :) the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

  5. says

    this is not winter. this is early fall at best. true winter, especially in the true style of frigid michigan, does not enjoy the fancy free of these photos’ so called colder months. sorry to break it ya marvelous miss moss, but the winters that are true and snowy would quickly end all of these cuties. i’m all for it! i wish it could be! but if you’re anything other than an eskimo under the wake of a winter storm advisory you turn into an icicle in t minus 5 minutes. i ranted about it here, complete with angry squishy winter illustrations!

  6. says

    I knoooooow. I was trying to be less bitchy about the heat this summer but I CAN’T DO IT. When I become fabulously rich I shall travel the world following an endless autumn/winter.

    PS: Compendium of Radness? Superb.

  7. says

    I agree with you, that type of weather is my favourite, except that here (Montreal, Canada), it’s more characteristic of mid fall/early spring than winter (I certainly wish our winters were like that, we’ve had temperatures as low as -30C last week!). So for those weird transitional periods, I do my best to dress a little like that, wear a pretty coat made for most winters around the world except ours, and wear my ugly mothy but warm coat for the real winter. Know of any place in the world where winter is between 5C-10C? I’d move there in a whim! Also–I really need a nice camel coat, just the name of the colour makes it sound warm!