hey, it’s a music mix. happy friday!

this will be our year. playlist:

  1. the shins – simple song
  2. miniature tigers – boomerang
  3. summer camp – down
  4. citizens! – true romance (gigamesh remix)
  5. ladyhawke – black, white & blue
  6. papa – i am the lion king (st. lucia remix)
  7. of montreal – dour percentage
  8. eli mardock – everything happens for the first time
  9. the brokenmusicbox – we will
  10. yellow ostrich – marathon runner
  11. ghost beach – first time
  12. memory house – this will be our year (zombie cover)
  13. conveyor – mukraker
  14. mesita – on through the dark

cover image one hundred percent completely inspired by thisall music is for sampling purposes only – please go out and buy the artists’ records & support them at their shows!


  1. I’m so incredibly happy that you included The Shins! That album is one that I am most anticipating this year! Great Mix! Thank You so much for compiling it!

  2. Its gloomy and rainy here and when I woke up and saw this mix my day got a lot brighter. I am cheesy but thank you so much I treasure all of your mixes!

  3. Well what do you know…I came here today to find some music and poof! There it was right in the front row ;) Thank you so much Diana for all of the amazing compilations and continuing to expose us all to some much-needed newness. I am very happy to see Summer Camp on the list – obsessed.

    Keep shining!
    xo, Sarah B

  4. Never downloaded one of your mixes before, thought I would today since I had some time. Have to say, I really like it considereing the only artists I’ve heard of are The Shins. Love your site and your taste in design/music!

  5. Dig this mix! This put a groove into my weekend and my booty shakin! Thanks for compiling this good combo of artists, all are new to me except The Shins. Keep on keepin’ on, girl!

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  7. aw, the zombies are my favorite, made me strangely happy to see the cover based around them. :) some good names on here, so excited to hear this!

  8. I’m so glad to discover your wonderful and very inspiring blog.thank you very much for including the picture from louisa louisa etsy shop.

  9. just wanted to say thank you for all your wonderful mixes. you have made me discover quite a lot of great music. thanks for taking the time to make them for us!

  10. thank you thank you thank you. not only is this a great mix, but it introduced me to so many great artists!

  11. This Will Be Our Year is one of my favorite songs, so happy you did a mix that includes a cover. And I was super excited for the cover art, too, I’ve seen the inspiration for that before and it always makes me happy. Hooray for awesome simplicity and good design!

  12. I know virtually nothing about modern music, so I am looking forward to the discoveries!

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