Wedding At Home

Kristen Marie Tourtillotte is a wedding photographer based in Seattle who got in touch with me recently to share the wedding of Michelle & Ryan, who got hitched at home amongst their friends, family and pets. i loooooooooove this. everything about it is what i love about small weddings – intimate & personal, mimosas & pies, dancing in the backyard… not to mention Kristen’s beautiful photography. i could barely pick my favourites, be sure to check out the entire wedding.



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  1. says

    Indeed such special photos of Kristen Marie Tourtillotte !
    She captured exactly the right moments, keeping that days atmosphere alive.
    I love the one were she (Michelle) is allmost at the bottom of the stairs. It even makes me nervous !
    And Michelle and Ryan have such a beautiful taste ! May they grow happily old together : )
    Great post Diana !

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    All three of these people (Ryan, Michele and Kristen) are dear friends of mine. So glad you decided to share R & M’s special day with the world. They’re the most fun and loving couple, they open their awesome home to so many and make you feel so comfortable and cozy – I adore them.

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    Oh my… I was scrolling through and thinking how lovely these are and then I realized that I know the groom, went to high school with him! What a funny surprise. Small world! P.S. I adore your blog so much!

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    oh wow that brought tears to my eyes, what a beautiful wedding. i’ve fantasized about having an “engagement” party at home but then surprising everyone with a wedding! may still happen yet…hmmmm…..