These Things No.33

i’m still in the midst of the exciting yet frustrating process of finding a new apartment. there are so many boxes that i’d like the new place to tick, a budget that requires sticking to and the fact that i’m basically competing with half of cape town’s general population who all seem to want a new place to stay, too. so, ya know, it’s pretty stressful.

that’s why i sat down with a cup of coffee, donned some noise cancelling earphones, put on helplessness blues and started compiling a these things. well… it’s sort of a these things, nice things, bumper fashion mash up. it’s the entire internet in one blog post.

GHONGJORD leather bags & accessories made in germany:

pocket totems by handy maiden are one of those things that makes me think i am a completely ridiculous person for loving, but i do:

kid’s coat hanger at theo via erin:

this fifties illum wikkelso rocking chair from sit and read via lena:

amazing work by lukas peet via weekday carnival:

kristina has been sharing so much of her beautiful art lately, what a treat:

abbey brown packaging by paige foley via design work life:

the five & dime identity design by bravo company:

tom and ashleigh went to maremoto and she had this tasty lookin’ salad:

i love brian’s photography so much, and this post in particular made me sigh sigh sigh:

julia child’s kitchen photographed by jenelle:

how to throw yourself a pity party by wit + delight. brilliant:

digging the lauren moffat spring 2012 lookbook via jen. that skirt! silver hasbeens!

also, notably, the sessun spring 2012 lookbook via jess:

ainslie wood co. via anabela:

the falconwright lookbook via mallory:

simple suede pouch by baggu for of a kind:

really into these haversack bags by southern field industries:

enjoyed this q&a with louis of lapin de lune at la mignonette:

cross-stitch fashion ads by inge jacobsen for georg jensen (recognise freja?):

this stylish couple. i mean, really. this is where that pity party comes in:

this stylish gal:

her skirt (and general vibe) is perfection:

prada went all out and got willem dafoe, gary oldman, adrien brody & jamie bell to walk their runway:

(photo by the sartorialist)


Lucas Maassen & Sons

i love this project by Lucas Maassen. i need some little ones to paint my furniture.

Dutch industrial designer Lucas Maassen has been working in conceptual design since 2003 and recently as an ideal father figure he decided to introduce his three Sons to the value of work. For this reason, he has employed Thijme (9 years-old), Julian (7 years-old) and Maris (also 7 years-old) to hand paint the pine wood handmade furniture built in the factory on the occasion of his new project called “Furniture Factory”. All of them are paid 1 euro per piece as agreed in the official professional contract that they have signed with their father, but due to Dutch child labour laws, it is only possible for Thijme, Julian and Maris to work for 3 hours a week. So, the production speed has became a crucial factor in the process and as you can see yourself, the lack of time contributes to the general aesthetics of each LM&S furniture piece where the results are ”incompletely beautiful”! - via Yatzer


Pale Flamingo

i find myself quite drawn to this apartment that was for sale on Alvhem. it’s probably because i’m so used to seeing hundreds upon hundreds of minimalistic white (scandanavian) spaces all over the internet (which i love). the mix of pale pink wallpaper and that amazing green print, along with hints of black on white really makes for a nice combination.


Cabin Porn

i have a few posts in the back of my mind at all times, and one of them was rounding up a collection of amazing huts and cabins i have come across on the internet. well, my job has been done for me – in the form of Cabin Porn, which is edited by jace cooke, brian jacobs, grace kapin and zach klein. follow them on twitter here. seen via mallix.

please click on the images to see the source.



one of my new years resolutions should probably have been to stop complaining about the heat. i live in africa, i have done for 28 years, i need to get over it. WELL. that will never happen. i actually day dream about the cold. i look at pictures of girls wearing crisp camel coloured coats and actually get kind of weepy. i am particularly drawn to the lovely dark mix of blacks, browns and navy… accessorised with beautiful leather bags and jaunty hats. sigh.

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