first of all i have to thank everyone for the overhwelmingly awesome response to the Food & Fashion mash up. the popularity of the colour comparisons surprises me every single time. i need to find a way to do this for a living.

so i’ve decided to do these things a bit differently today, in an effort to consolidate and try to make a bit of sense (of my thoughts? of things i like? of…. the internet?) now there is a bit of a theme, i suppose, which is never a bad thing.

1. anabela’s ridiculously cute diy charm bracelet

2. the brand design for strata bakery by p.a.r.

3. a closer look at that hilarious cat calendar for united bamboo designed by studio lin

4. backstage at ulyana sergeenko

5. i see a different you is a great photography blog out of soweto. via miss millib

6. this wonderfully dorky fashion editorial

7. this chair!

8. nice little collection by scouts honor co.

9. hanneli looking amazing, again. obviously.

10. the steven alan spring 2012 lookbook

11. this apartment

12. i miss winter. photograph by jonathan levitt


  1. The Steven Alan clothes remind me of these old issues of Marie Claire from the early 90s.

  2. Hanneli is always so well put together, and that face! I love this outfit. Great These Things

  3. If I had money, I’d pay you to do the colour comparisons for a living. May I humbly suggest doing a colour comparisons to do with books next time?

    Great list Diana, my favourites are Anabela’s bracelet and that crazy cat calender – I want one!

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