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First Aid Kit

i thought i’d try to talk about music more regularly on here, instead of just resorting to the music mixes every month. here’s someone you need to listen to – First Aid Kit. their new album The Lion’s Roar was released a couple of weeks ago. these photos were taken by Neil Krug, a fantastic photographer whose work you also need to get into. hey, double discovery whammy! also, if you don’t know anything about First Aid Kit – Johanna and Klara are in fact Swedish and were born in the 1990’s (as a child of the eighties it always amazes me when such accomplished people are about a decade younger than myself). now listen to their music, watch their videos, and prepare to have your mind blown.

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  1. zhose girl are amazing! i discovered them few years ago and now they are som “famous”… i am really happy for them. their music is so inspiring :)

  2. Christy Smith says

    Goodness me – those Swedes make some great musicians…just bought this album also so excited for Tallest Man on Earth tomorrow!

  3. I discovered First Aid Kit last week too and have listened to their song Emmylou about 60 times since then. It’s my new favorite.

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