The Missed Connections of Sophie Blackall

i watched this Etsy interview with illustrator Sophie Blackall over a cup of coffee this morning and it left me feeling so incredibly happy and warm. she has such a wonderfully inviting and serene way of talking about her work…

“i like drawing animals, but i’m ashamed to say i almost always want to put clothes on them”

you’ve probably heard about her project Missed Connections where she illustrates stories from the missed connections section of Craigslist (which is now available as a book). if you haven’t definitely have a browse through her blog, and also check out her new project Drawn from my Father’s Adventures.



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  1. says

    I have dippe din and out of her work for a long time but thanks for posting this video. You are right, she speaks in such a way about her work that only goes to emphasise the love and care that clearly gets put into each picture.


  2. says

    i have a soft spot for her missed connections project because this actually happened to me once. not on craigslist but in my university paper. ‘the girl in the black coat and lipstick and the leopard print head scarf on such & such a bus…’ i met him for drinks. it was nice. great to see the person behind the art, she’s very sentimental and that’s lovely. her transit piece is just amazing.

  3. Liza says

    That video just warmed my soul! I’ve seen her work around the traps, but seeing this interview just added so much to the person behind the paintbrush… They should make such videos for ALL lovely artists… That was beautiful, thank you for sharing.

  4. Linda says

    So endearing! Found this on “A Gift Wrapped Life” blog and so glad I got to see this. An amazing talent not only for her art work but for her insight into others around her. Thanks!

  5. says

    I can’t believe this is the first time I have heard of this…brilliant, charming. So happy to have found your blog and for the introduction to Sohie Blackall’s work. Just ordered the book.

  6. says

    I have been following Sophie’s work for a few years, but had not yet watched her Etsy interview! So beautifully shot– it makes her seem so pensive and in awe of all the lives being lived around her. Very endearing!

  7. says

    Oh just loved when she says: “I like drawing animals but I’m too ashamed to say I almost always want to put clothes on them…”


    She’s as lovely as her drawings! thanks for the tip! I’ll take a better look on her work!

  8. Rachel Townsend says

    The girl on the swan bike reminded me of this day i was at this italian grocery store, on a really funky street. And there was this poster from a guy all painted in lovely colours with lots of writing, about this night he met this girl and he never got her number and cant stop thinking about her. it as sooooo lovely and so romantic. I hope she saw it and called him.

    Such lovely pictures.