We need to talk about Marni

did you see the marni pre-fall 2012 collection? i feel like this was swept under the rug a bit, or perhaps i wasn’t paying attention (probably the latter) – but this is one crazy collection. when i browsed through the different looks i felt like i was meeting someone’s eccentric old aunt. you know, the outspoken one with the radical dress sense who embarrasses all the old folks at family gatherings (but who all the young kids love). i guess marni has always been that way.

i love all the pieces. the shoes, the bags, the belts, the prints, the sunglasses (!) … if you look at them separately it’s not all so mind-boggling. hey, i’m not knocking marni’s styling – it is what it always is, and it’s great. maybe don’t wear it all at once though? actually do, if you can. more power to you. i know Iris would. it would be like living in a Matisse.



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  1. says

    Oh yes. Marni is definitely worth a discussion. I am literally counting down the days for the H&M collab to launch so I can fill in my wardrobe with some much needed print action.

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing this fabulous source of inspiration; I’ve seen some tweets about Marni a while ago, but didn’t take the time to look at the collection in detail. Do you mind if I share this post of yours on my blog? I always give credit; I just couldn’t possibly beat your fun graphic layout:)

  3. Amy says

    Yes, everything about this collection is beautiful and FUN and vibrant, but it is so overwhelming when it’s all thrown together into complete looks. Your zoomed-in focus circles are an excellent way to take away some of the noise and admire the details.

  4. says

    Although I am late with my reply, but still this Marni collection is amazing. and the comparison with an old aunt, sorry, crazy old aunt is to the point. And I sure would like to look like one. And this collection, in comparison with the one for H&M is … beyond words. I didn`t quite like it, wasn`t impressed at all. But this, this is another story.