1. oh wonderful photography and amazing wedding, i loved all the details!! and such few guests, that’s my kind of wedding!!! twiggs

  2. Lovely photos. And the details, of course. I love all the old photos and succulents in the bell jars!

  3. what a breath of fresh air in the wedding photography area… most wedding photographer shoot in same manners, using same tones and ideas, but Shanna’s style of capturing the moment is definitely unique.


  4. shoooweee! i didn’t even know about this until today

    (and cyber hi Miss Moss!)

    i just quickly wanted to let all the dreamers know it was a HUGE (250+) wedding… thank god shanna made it look all small and intimate :)

  5. This is just so gorgeous and inspiring!!! I love so many of these decor components and think they’re really versatile – like old photos from throughout a relationship for a couple’s anniversary party. Thanks for sharing!

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