Of A Kind Giveaway: Iacoli & McAllister

the giveaway is now closed, the winner is stephanie – congratulations!

today i’m really excited to offer one lucky reader the chance to win this beautiful Nude Necklace No. 8 by Iacoli & McAllister – one of only 35 designed especially for Of A Kind. i actually blogged about Iacoli & McAllister’s necklaces before, and i’m truly jealous that i can’t enter this giveaway myself!

When movie characters work in art galleries, they wear impossibly cool necklaces like this one. Composed of nude ultrasuede and super-lightweight, boxy brass beads, it doesn’t need much to make your look special – a crisp white shirt, maybe, or a silk top. And some tortoiseshell glasses would really hammer home that whole smart-and-stylish thing you’re going for.

all you have to do to enter is subscribe to the Of A Kind Newsletter and leave a comment below *

the giveaway is open to anyone anywhere in the world as Of a Kind offers international shipping. readers outside the US must please note that, as with all international shipping, you may be subject to your country’s customs charges / import duties upon arrival.  the giveaway ends on Friday 2 March, and the winner will be randomly selected in a lucky draw.

* if you’re already subscribed to their newsletter make sure you leave a comment to guarantee an entry!



  1. Emily says

    So beautiful. I am already subscribed to Of A Kind, and spend days feeling sad I cant quite afford their amazing goods. Do hope I can win this necklace!

  2. says

    my favourite blog + my favourite weekly newspaper. thank you for this opportunity to win! classic line, symmetry/assymetry, metals are my aesthetic favourites.
    please let me win my first prize of my life.

  3. says

    This necklace is GORGEOUS. It reminds me of arrows, ones with clean lines :) Keep up the good work, Miss Moss… and One of a Kind – I look forward to seeing what your newsletter brings!

  4. alex says

    LOVE Of a Kind , love their support of talented upnd comets and love that they’re feeling the international love (appreciate it from Australia)! XT

  5. says

    already susbscribed, but i’ve been meaning to change my email address and this pushed me to do it!

    thanks for the lovely giveaway. that Iacoli & McAllister necklace is gorgeous!


  6. says

    Gorgeous! I would love to win! I have been getting of a kind’s great newsletters for a while and was happy to buy some amazing earrings from them – this necklace would be so great, too!

  7. courtney whipple says

    I subscribed, I really hope I get picked to win this beautiful necklace! I just brought a new outfit that it would go perfectly with!!

  8. Emily says

    I love Of A Kind. They do such a great job editing the “editions” and their blog is thoughtful to boot. Like seeing Of A Kind here on Miss Moss!

  9. Kim says

    first of all, I have to say I LOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE your blog. I visit your site every day and enjoy your posts and beautiful finds. This necklace is just perfect, I’ve been looking for something like this for a really long time. I hope I win!

  10. Jessica Alexander says

    Why I haven’t subscribed sooner is mind boggling to me. I came across this website a few days ago via Free People’s blog and have been unnaturally obsessed with it. I absolutely adore this necklace! Can’t get enough of geometric shaped necklaces, they’re my favorite :)

    Keeping my fingers crossed!
    XOXO, Jessica

  11. Sophie says

    Ooh! I’ve subscribed to Of A Kind since the very, very beginning, and was pining over this edition in my inbox this morning! Would love to be the lucky winner…

  12. says

    hope to be the lucky winner – would love to wear that very elegant necklace this summer – thanks for the lovely giveaway…it will make the lucky one of us very happy i’m sure!
    also really enjoy reading your posts over afternoon coffee breaks…thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Emily says

    Gor. Geous! I would wear this for work, going out to dinner with friends or to the grocery store. The necklace ‘does it all’!

  14. Kris says

    Love this pc and I would love even more to win it! I’m a newcomer to the site but I will be checking it out frequently I love it!

  15. Sophia says

    Twice upon a time on a humid Durban evening, a twenty-something year old, slightly frazzled student sat down to check her facebook account. The year before, she had been to a marvellous, dusty festival in the middle of the Karoo desert where she had heard the equally marvellous band, Beatenberg. Their music was so wonderfully delicious that she bought their album and liked their page, following their gigs and seeing them whenever she popped to her favourite city in the world, Cape Town. Not only has their music led her to think lots of lovely thoughts, learn many lovely lyrics and dance many wiggly dances, it also led her to a fantastic new site where she lay her anxious oh-my-goodness-thank-goodness-it’s-the-weekend eyes on the most beautiful necklace she had ever seen. Finally, calm befell our protagonist and a sense of eudaimonia took over. All was well in the world. Well, at least it would be with that stunning string of pure beauty around her neck.

  16. Annabel Quiroga says

    I am so excited! I am suscribed and ready to recieve a necklace!! I am so excited this competition is opened to everyone around the world!

  17. Kyra says

    this is a golden alternative to the necklace, “no. ultra” that you featured before, metal +suede= material contrasts that work. OfaKind has been since ’11 and will continue to be a part of my newsletter life.

  18. Chrissy says

    Well years after finishing my degree in jewellery design, and with no time in my busy theatre producing schedule to make anything, I finally started to buy jewellery again. This is so super lovely and elegant, I can’t help wishing it were mine. I am all subscribed up and can’t wait to see which other gems arrive :)

  19. Aly says

    Subscribed! I love your blog, and really love this necklace… It would be a nice addition to my boring closet and a welcome way to ring in spring!!

  20. says

    I adore Of A Kind, and have to restrain myself from purchasing everything they release. This one is definitely on the ‘to purchase’ list if I don’t get lucky and win the giveaway.

  21. Liz says

    First time commenting, I love your blog. The images,fashion etc are always inspirational. I have subscribed and hope to win the lovely necklace!

  22. diane says

    the perfect necklace to make this Toronto girl feel oh so hip wandering the amazing galleries in my new home of Melbourne! …just sayin';)

  23. says


  24. Caitlin says

    I recently signed up for of a kind emails and this necklace is definitely my favorite recent item! I would love to have it become a key part of my spring wardrobe…thank you!

  25. Laura says

    I’m a seasoned Of a Kind subscriber (and indulger), but newly addicted to Miss Moss. Would love to win this edition. ~