FYI: i put the blog on facebook yesterday – i don’t use it much myself (i much prefer twitter for general internet gabbing & sharing) – but i can’t ignore the fact that for many people it is their choice platform for staying in touch with blogs / companies/ artists / things they like. i get it! so if you’d like to follow the blog on there, please do.

{pardon the crappy iphone shot}

i was hit by one of those dreadful 24 hour flus last night that rendered me completely useless all day today. in between sleeping and keeping one delirious eye on the internet i got a welcome delivery of Kinfolk magazine – a publication i have been wanting to get into since their launch last year. i’m actually ashamed that i had never read a copy till now, only because i almost never bother ordering anything from the US any more since shipping something all the way to south africa is always an issue (lost, bent, damaged, subject to custom charges).

but this beautiful magazine managed to get to my door unscathed, thank goodness – as it really is something to treasure. you can actually read their first issue online and you can buy the second issue for your iPad, but i highly recommend getting a printed copy if you can. it will be an exquisite addition to any library. the story of the honey harvest by sarah winward really captivated me.

Honey Harvest photos by Leo Patrone, film by Tiger in a Jar


These Things No.34

first of all i have to thank everyone for the overhwelmingly awesome response to the Food & Fashion mash up. the popularity of the colour comparisons surprises me every single time. i need to find a way to do this for a living.

so i’ve decided to do these things a bit differently today, in an effort to consolidate and try to make a bit of sense (of my thoughts? of things i like? of…. the internet?) now there is a bit of a theme, i suppose, which is never a bad thing.

1. anabela’s ridiculously cute diy charm bracelet

2. the brand design for strata bakery by p.a.r.

3. a closer look at that hilarious cat calendar for united bamboo designed by studio lin

4. backstage at ulyana sergeenko

5. i see a different you is a great photography blog out of soweto. via miss millib

6. this wonderfully dorky fashion editorial

7. this chair!

8. nice little collection by scouts honor co.

9. hanneli looking amazing, again. obviously.

10. the steven alan spring 2012 lookbook

11. this apartment

12. i miss winter. photograph by jonathan levitt


Food & Fashion

get ready for an entirely nonsensical post combining my love for food and fashion. outfits good enough to eat? food good enough to… um… wear? no matter! just enjoy it for what it is.

rosemary & walnut crepes /  paris x3

egg & avo sandwich / glamcanyon

dinner in brooklyn / style sightings

annabel ly / vanessa jackman

blueberry & lavender rhubarb jam / all the pretty birds

old fashioned pink lemonade / streetstyle aesthetic

bourbon chocolate milkshake / vanessa jackman

the ice creamists / style clicker

potato, celery root & sunchoke cream / vanessa jackman

lumberjack cake / streetpeeper

oh yes, i don’t follow many food blogs myself (just because it would be laughably impossible to browse on top of my already escalating subscriptions to hundreds of fashion, lifestyle and personal blogs) – so if i ever feel like some food inspiration i look to the amazing pinterest boards of su / i’m revolting, catherine / wolfeyebrows and alison / teenangster.