Cardigan Giveaway

The giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Emma!

Cardigan is one of my wonderful sponsors (check out yonder sidebar) and i’m really pleased to tell you that Lynne is offering one lucky reader the chance to win a beautiful piece from their Spring collection. some of these styles aren’t even available online yet – so not only are you getting a sneak peek, but you stand the chance to own one. i have my eye on the blue breton stripe, such a classic.

all you have to do to enter is let me know in the comments which of the 4 styles is your favourite, and if you win that’s the one you’ll be gettin’ in the mail.

1. La Plage Crewneck – in linen cotton, a clever way to do a stripe… inspired by sand on a beach
2. Elysse French stripe – our signature mariners stripe in fine merino updated in an easy sweatshirt body
3. Ombre Shadow stripe – our grass green is our ode to spring made in fine line
4. Elysse Raglan Crewneck – with buttons made in fine linen, a breezy way to wear our mariner stripe

the giveaway is open to anyone anywhere in the world as Cardigan offers international shipping. readers outside the US must please note that, as with all international shipping, you may be subject to your country’s customs charges / import duties upon arrival.  the giveaway ends on Friday 23 March, and the winner will be randomly selected in a lucky draw.


  1. Migle says

    I love La Plage Crewneck, because those patterns reminds me some cool skyscrapers:) I would be very happy to have it:-)

  2. Patti says

    I love the La Plage Crewneck – such a fun take on classic stripes. Thanks so much for the giveaway and for introducing us to Cardigan!

  3. Alex Jane says

  4. says

    love, love, love the LA PAGLE design. beautiful cardigan!
    the broken stripes look amazing.


  5. says

    I would buy their entire store I had the money!! Perfect designs and everything look sooo soft!! Thanks for this giveaway! La plage crew neck is my favorite ­¯<3

  6. Cally says

    These are so lovely! A tough choice but I can’t stop looking at that La Plage Crewneck. Perfect for Northern California springtime at the beach!

  7. says

    Although I like them all, then La Plage Crewneck is still probably the nicest. Plus, lately I’ve started to value higher these clothes that would probably fit me better, so it might be because of that :3.

    + I’m from Estonia, so the La Plage one is really one of the best things to wear in cold summer days or slightly-colder spring days.

  8. Tess says

    The Elysse French Stripe is so timeless and lovely! It would be perfect with my blue eyes and to wear during my first trip to Paris this summer:)

  9. karin says

    Oh la la – Elysse french stipe! Pure perfection and I can easily see how I could pair it with pretty much everything in my wardrobe.

  10. Margaret says

    Love love love #1 the Plage’s unique stripes! I just got a striped cashmere from Cardigan earlier this year and it’s my favorite sweater. Fingers crossed!

  11. amy says

    wow, i’m in love with the la plage crewneck! would look so lovely with cutoffs and flats or suede booties for the spring :)

  12. says

    ooh i love these two. it was too hard to pick just one. #1 if I really really had to choose just one
    1. La Plage Crewneck
    2. Elysse French stripe

    fashionserialkiller (at) gmail dot com

  13. Alexis says

    Haha, I like that a lot of us are on the same page with the La Plage Crewneck! It looks so comfortable and pulled together at the same time.

  14. Christina says

    I love the French stripe! Love how it can be worn up or down, depending on the occasion. I’m in love with stripes, so this would be amazing to have in my closet!

  15. Talyn says

    I will count how many threads there are in the La Plage Crewneck just to have it.
    Never mind seeing stars, I’m seeing stripes!

  16. sarah says

    La Plage reminds me of sunny Maine mornings, waiting on the dock for the Isleford ferry in cutoffs and a soft thin sweater, happy as a clam.

  17. says

    I love the Ombre Shadow Stripe (but I’d wear the others as well) because of the green, everything I’ve been buying lately seems to be in that color. They have great stuff on their website, thanks for turning me onto this brand!

  18. Caitlin says

    love the Elysse raglan crewneck — i love the semi dolman sleeves, that cut is my favorite! V flattering and love the parisian thin stripes.

  19. says

    I’m obsessed with Breton shirts, so I would wear any of these every day… But if I had to pick a favourite, it’d be the La Plage!

  20. Ashton says

    Oh wow, they are all beautiful! The La Plage Crewneck is by far my favorite though! This is such a fabulous giveaway. Thank you, thank you!

  21. Elizabeth says

    4. Elysse Raglan Crewneck – with buttons made in fine linen, a breezy way to wear our mariner stripe

    I love these cardigans! Nice giveaway!

  22. says

    Oh man. Hard to choose huh! They are ALL so cute! I think I would go for #3…..that green is so bright and cheery, especially since I still have snow where I live…depressing.

  23. Valerie Smith says

    WOW!!! They all are so beautiful!
    I would pick the Elysse French Stripe! Why? #1 perfect for all seasons! #2 I can dress it up or dress it down! #3 I can wear it to teach high school math in And #4 Because it is just so cute!
    Thank you!!!
    Valerie Smith

  24. Emily says

    i adore #4 best. i like the short sleeves, slightly boxy shape, and classic stripes that are just a bit more relaxed and cool than usual. i’d wear it over my bathing suit and jean shorts for trips to the beach.

  25. Gabriella says

    At first I thought the Elysse French Stripe was my favorite, but I’m going to have to go with the La Plage Crewneck!

  26. says

    I used to have a Cardigan sweater and my boyfriend put it in the washing machine and destroyed it on accident! Ahh, it was SO tragic. My favorite is the first one as a fun twist on the usual stripe, as I own 800 stripy shirts:)

  27. Leah says

    Oh my french stripe cardigan makes me want to be sipping a cappuccino while enjoying good conversations and sunshine in a darling little cafe in Paris.

  28. says

    This was a tough one… I love all of them… Especially the first and the third <3 But I'm looking for the perfect tee for this summer. A simple, but yet exclusive and special. This one has it all. This one is p e r f e c t i o n. And it's a bit see.through… It has everything I look for! – I would have to go for Elysse Raglan Crewneck.

  29. Patricia Picard says

    Surely the number 04 : Elysse Raglan Crewneck. I love fine linen, such a beauty on spring when theres a brise.

  30. Patricia Picard says

    Surely the number 04 : Elysse Raglan Crewneck. I love fine linen, such a beauty on spring when theres a brise.

  31. Crystal ng says

    I have one of Cardigan’s pieces are they are amazing, comfortable and awesome to wear. I adore the La Plage Crewneck!! What an excellent give away

  32. says


    2. Elysse French stripe – our signature mariners stripe in fine merino updated in an easy sweatshirt body

    love it! :-)

  33. says

    I love the La Plage Crewneck! I am always a fan of the linen/cotton blend for a summer sweater, the colors are classic, but just a bit earthy, and I love how the interrupted stripe is a bit reminiscent of an ikat, giving the otherwise classic look, just a bit of ethnic flair.

  34. anna says

    easy peasy lemon squeezy. I loooove La Plage Crewneck. Can’t decide if I would keep it or be the kindest sister in the world and give it to my sister, she’d look delightful in it.

  35. says

    After realizing I don’ have enough green in my life, the ombre shadow stripe would be the perfect solution! These are all so charming, though.

  36. hannah says

    I would love to be wearing the La Plage Crewneck this spring, what an interesting and new take on stripes!
    (from Canada)

  37. Cara says

    I love the first one: La Plage Crewneck. What a great take on that stripey cardigan we’ve been starting to see so much of lately. A great way to stand out in a cleaver way. Tres chic!

  38. says

    Ombre Shadow stripe!!!!! Hooo dios mio si lo vendieran aqui en Mexico, ya lo hubiera comprado!!!…. I mean,. Ombre Shadow stripe because is sooooooooo pretty, please, can I have it!!!! por favor!!!!

  39. Jessica says

    I love the 1st (la plage crewneck)! so cute! I’m in some dire need of some stripes in my wardrobe! what an adorable online store!

  40. Emily says

    The Elysse French stripe is playful, yet classic. I would definitely chose this, out of the four, though they are all lovely!

  41. says

    I love the fourth one- the elise raglan crewneck! it could turn into a classic, easy feminine look with shorts or jeans…versitile and flattering. I really like the way it’s cut.

  42. Amy says

    La Plage Crewneck is lovely. The stripes are unusual and I love navy, and the linen cotton blend sounds comfortable and soft.

  43. Emme says

    How can you pick just one??? The La Plage crewneck has to be it though. Lovely. And in a linen blend what could be better for spring/ summer.

  44. Emily says

    Oh my goodness! What lovely shop Cardigan is! I love the La Plage crewneck, if I owned it I would never take it off. Holding thumbs, crossing fingers, doing my lucky winning dance.

  45. AydeKay says

    Even though I’m not sure how you’re supposed to pronouncemost of it, Nr. 4. (The Elysse Raglan Crewneck) is so, so cool. Hides wintery upper arms, stripes, my favourite colours, cute little buttons, cute AS a button. I could go on, but we’re all busy here… Holding thumbs (for myself)! A

  46. says

    The first one is my favourite too… Those clean blue French stripes came a very close second, but ’twas #1’s shoulder buttons that clinched the deal for me! I’m holding thumbs… Thanks very much for the giveaway!

  47. Chantal says

    hmmm, tough call between no.1 and no.2 but think I’d like to pull the classic Elysse French Stripe down over my ears! Yes, please!

  48. Esther Gibbons says

    I adore the Elysse French Stripe. It was made for wearing on a slightly windy day on a beach in La Rochelle while enjoying le pain, le vin a la boursin. The perfect French combinations.

  49. liddy says

    Definitely the La Plage Crewneck. The weather is start to cool down here in Aus. This little number would make the transition all the more sweet!

  50. Diane says

    Elysse French stripe – is really signature mariners stripe, with the material it would be great to wear it over a dress a chilly summers day. As I will be working in a coffeeshop all summer, It would be great to wear the cooler days!

  51. Laura Lynn says

    Oh wow! I would be so happy with any of them, but the La Plage Crewneck and the Elysse French Stripe are my favourites. Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. Jacqueline says

    La Plage Crewneck, hands down. They’re all beautiful, but there’s just something so unnatural and lovely about that pattern .

  53. Kelly says

    Almost impossible to choose!!! But if I must…Elysee Raglan. That will be in a closet staple and very well loved item in my wardrobe even 50 years from now!

  54. Morgan says

    I love the way Cardigan have put such a contemporary spin on your classic stripes with the La Plage but for me it would still have to be the Elysse French stripe. Call me old fashioned but I’m a sucker for a classic breton stripe! Thanks for such a great giveaway xx

  55. Pin says

    I love the first one, La Plage Crewneck, with its unexpected, refreshing take on classic stripes! (As I have so many striped shirts in my closet already, this design will definitely stand out!)

    Fingers crossed. xx

  56. Fi says

    La Plage Crewneck. Love the “sand on the beach” inspiration and the buttons to the side .. will help to not mess up my hair (my curly, abundant tresses can get awfully messed up with pulling tops on and off!)

  57. Lisa says

    Thank you so much for the info, I’ve just checked out the website and it’s all kinds of lovely.
    I really like the Elysse French stripe.

  58. Hannah says

    LA PLAGE – as a california girl living in the mountains now, i need some beach in my life : ) and that sweater is beach in a garment!

    this would SO perk up my elementary teacher wardrobe. here’s to random luck! thanks for the giveaway opp

  59. KG says

    My favourite is #2. Elysse French stripes…
    I can see them with an cadmium red skirt and a leopard loafer *as well a million other things in my closet.

  60. bec says

    the elysse french stripes instantly caught my eye – classic nautical stripes, and that primary blue and putty beige just coordinate so well!

    i’ve been searching for a new lightweight sweater to replace my current fav…which has holes under both armpits big enough to fit a new arm. maybe even my head. mmm. should have retired it many years ago.

  61. Kristin says

    Number 1 is too beautiful! (well they all are!) but that’s my favourite! Would love to own something so wonderful for my wardrobe x

  62. says

  63. says

    I love the La Plage Crewneck with the sand inspired stripes. It’s so fresh, and the way they wove in the stripe is kind of reminiscent of some of the edging in ikat prints, which everyone loves!

  64. Cheast says

    Oooh it’s tough between the first and second but I think I have to go for the Plage Crew Neck..I love stripes and this one is just a little different. really cool stuff!

  65. Nichole says

    La Plage – it’s the best choice. Who needs another french striped shirt or sweater…Okay, probably me, but let’s shake things up. La Plage. I need you. Haha! Thanks for the giveaway. You rock!

  66. Eveline says

    It took me a good while to choose after wanting all of them – but I would very much like to add the La Plage crewneck to my wardrobe! Such a unique take on stripes. :)

  67. Jenna says

    La Plage Crewneck is such a classic, light textured cardigan , i ♥ it too much!! Since i live on the Sydney coast i would revel in this victory!

  68. says

    1. La Plage Crewneck – in linen cotton, a clever way to do a stripe… inspired by sand on a beach

    this is beautiful beautiful beautiful, would be a great surprise to have it!

  69. says

    thank you sooooo much for having this giveaway!
    all these pieces are gorgeous….how is a girl supposed to choose just one?

    after a lot of thinking (and a snack break so i could think better!), i have decided that if i was lucky enough to win, i would choose the elysse french stripe. it looks super classic and chic. that plus i’m always keeping my eye out for the perfect striped top that always seems to elude me!

    keeping my fingers crossed :)
    good luck to everyone who enters this giveaway!!


  70. Rayne says

    Well it was tough… But I’ve gone with lucky number 2! Eysse French Stripe, but number 1 comes in a very close second! :)

  71. Karen says

    My fave is the La Plage Crewneck: makes me think of Belinda Carlisle’s Circles In The Sand… round ‘n round (ear worm, dammit)

  72. Sylvia says

    I love the La Plage Crewneck – the interference in the lines reminds me of being a little kid, and playing with the TV aerial to trying to get the TV to work while mum and dad slept in. And not having that much luck. Gorgeous x

  73. Jana says

    Choosing was very difficult! N0. 4, The Elysse French Stripe is my favourite. Would jazz up any day and outfit. Thanks for a great giveaway and blog!

  74. says

    Ombre Shadow stripe


  75. Meb S. says

    OH MYMY! This is so hard! You’ve just made me discover a {from now on} new favorite brand!
    My choice goes to:
    # 4 –» Elysse Raglan Crewneck
    which is like you said: ‘a breezy way to wear our mariner stripe’

    I definetly need that for my canadian (montrealer to be precise!) summer time!

    Thank you the amazing giveaway :)


  76. says

    #1, definitely! That pattern is so gorgeous and the fit is effortless! Would be perfect for spring with a pair of jeans and some white keds.

  77. Makiko says

    definitely 1. La Plage Crewneck!! beautiful stripes with a twist!!
    the material must feel so nice too…

    (a vote from west coast Canada)

  78. Justine de Jager says

    I LOVE the Elysse French stripe (no. 2)..
    I love the fact that the marine stripes are used- but in a unique way, the off white with the striking blue is awesome. Also like the plain v at the top…
    Love to wear it, as it’s comfy yet stylish- just my style…

  79. Claire Ellenbogen says

    WOW How do you choose, they are all totally magnificent!
    I think my absolute favourite would have to be #1 le plage crewneck
    But wow #4 is also totally beautiful!
    Miss Moss you have totally outdone yourself with this one!
    Holding thumbs! Would love a piece of this exquisiteness!