Leandro Dominguez

at the moment my thoughts are often consumed with a single line… WINTER IS COMING. and not just because Game of Thrones starts on 1 april. oh no. it’s still pretty hot here in south africa, but soon the weather is going to turn and i’ll be planning fantasy weekend getaways in log cabins with cosy fireplaces. the winter 2012 collection from Argentinian designer Leandro Dominguez makes me even more excited for my favourite season.



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  1. says

    I will have one of each! Especially the sweater with all the different animals, that one is so very me.

    I can’t wait for Game of Thrones, the trailers I’ve seen so far have me hyperventilating (I’m mostly not kidding…) and I need my Jon Snow fix.

  2. says

    Finally a blogger from the Southern hemisphere! I find it so annoying that everuone seems to be looking forward to spring. It’s fall guys!
    The collection looks great. Love all the colors!
    And Game of Thrones returns in April? Oh my god, I cannot wait!!

    XX Paulina

  3. Ana says

    Hi! I´m from Argentina and I love Leandro Dominguez!
    We have a lot of great designers here! I can recommend you some…
    (Estoy feliz por la llegada del otoño)

  4. says

    Hello, I’m following ‘Miss Moss’ from the Netherlands.
    Here it’s finally spring! So it’s kind of weird to hear winter is starting with u all : )
    One of my friends, who grew up in South Africa, still isn’t used to the seasons being turned around.
    But I absolutely love these sweaters ! > That I can still wear in the evenings offcourse :D
    Love, Isabelle from Cinnamonday

  5. says

    We had such a disappointing winter in Michigan! I missed being snowed in and trudging through the snow.

    Love all of these pieces, and love your blog. I’ve been a loyal fan for the past couple of months. It’s nice to find someone with similar taste.

  6. Lea says

    LOVE the clothes! And I second the enthusiasm for winter-wear. We had no winter in southern Canada and I’m still craving my cozy sweaters that I barely had a chance to wear. (side note: Am I the only one who thinks the end of that video is a bit creepy? Who’s following that girl so creepily with their car while she’s trying to walk her dog in the forest? And what’s happening in that shed at the end? Eeks!)

  7. Ida B says

    These pieces are all so amazing, every. single. one. of. them! Do you have any idea as to how it would be possible to get access to anything from the line when not living in Argentina?

  8. lucy says

    Leandro Dominguez is adorable!
    Every season I buy your clothes. His new shop is amazing, it’s a honor to find Argentinian desing in this blog!!!