Into the Jungle

let me explain to you how this usually goes. i start browsing through my trusted roll of street style blogs, opening my favourite looks in new tabs, then i usually have a gander at bukowski’s to see what new art they have on their books (the internet isn’t fun if you don’t multi-task) which leads to a couple of mmmm moments. mmm this is an interesting theme. mmm these look good together. and then blammo! mashup magic happens.

yes, that’s how it usually goes.

painting: karl axel pehrson “meadow” + street style: street peeper

painting: reidar särestöniemi “rapids” + street style: street peeper

painting: henri rousseau “hungry lion” + street style: the street fashion 5 xpro

painting: paul cezanne “forest” + street style: style sightings

painting: fyodor vasilyev “autumn forest” + street style: street peeper

painting: karl axel pehrson “flowers” + street style: the street fashion 5 xpro

painting: henri rousseau “the waterfall” + street style: style sightings



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  1. says

    These are great! So fun – I love the mood of all of these.

    P.S. I also love how you’ve updated your site design and added in a little color – it looks great!

  2. says

    I absolutely love this! Bloggers so often pull together lazy posts of street style images pulled from other sites, it’s so refreshing to see a creative and exciting approach to sharing these.

  3. says

    gah, how did i miss this one? so amazing, i’m a HUGE fan of rousseau. the pink pants in the bottom with the pink corner, you’re so fun and so good at what you do, lady.