Confezioni Crosby F/W 2012

easter is my favourite holiday. not because of the chocolate (who cares about the chocolate? we can buy that stuff all year round – who are we kidding.) no no, it’s because every easter weekend in my living memory has marked the turn of the seasons. it will always be cold & rainy without fail. and i look forward to it so, so much – especially when the march heat waves almost send me to the brink of tears. okay i’m exaggerating, those were probably just my eyes sweating.

and – rain it did this weekend! we had a mini-break in the karoo where good intentions of taking photos of the stars were ruined by amazingly cloudy weather. i was of course completely okay just hanging out indoors cooking lamb on the fire.

so when i spotted the confezioni crosby f/w 2012 lookbook (who i previously posted about here and here) over at jessica’s blog i felt it was quite serendipitous owing to my current joyous feelings about our impending winter. today i stopped to look at a tree whose leaves were turning and i almost broke into song. almost.



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      unfortunately it’s not something i can control, i host my images on flickr & they’re set to private – it seems that pinterest has recently changed their settings which means you can’t pin them anymore.

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    Haha, here in the other hemisphere, I always look forward to Easter time for the season changing into sunshine and warmth and rainy/grey days ending. In any case, that’s a gorgeous lookbook. I love all the rich colours and velvets…

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    lovely jewel tones and cozy places. it’s funny to me to hear your thoughts about easter and the weather change, i feel the same excitement when september rolls around and the weather starts to turn to fall/winter for us. i’d love to say easter signals warmth for us and we can stop layering but i think it’s a myth. because every easter here is also rainy and still too cold for spring outfits. so maybe we share the same clouds as we do the same moon or something, for a little while in the year. today is a high of 7 degrees. brrrr. enjoy your fall/winter, Diana.

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    I must live in a peculiar spot because I could definitely see me in most of those clothes right now. Oh Amsterdam and you’re horrid weather. I really like the feel of the look book as well.

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    Wooah, that’s really funny, all these pictures were taken really close to my house, I recognize the Cable Cafe and other places… Beautiful clothes too, never thought I’d like velvet trousers :-)