Couverture & The Garbstore Giveaway

the giveaway is now closed. winner to be announced soon.

Couverture & The Garbstore is one of my fantastic sponsors, a concept store located in the heart of London’s Notting Hill that boasts three floors and is made up of two sections – Couverture which specialises in womenswear, accessories, kidswear, homeware and vintage finds; and The Garbstore which is their own menswear label. They have a fantastic online shop that sells pieces from independent designers and some of my personal favourites like Rachel Comey, Steven Alan, Minä Perhonen, Charlotte Linton, A Détacher, Colenimo and tons more.

so, today you stand the chance to win this beautifully unique Rose silver & crystal quartz ring by Andy Lifschutz:

Naturally formed crystal quartz in a misshapen rectangular setting created from reclaimed rose silver. Band has organic line detail drawn on it.

all you have to do to enter is subscribe to the C&TG newsletter on their home page and leave a comment below.

Couverture & The Garbstore Giveaway

C&TG has also generously offered Miss Moss readers a special 15% discount from their online shop for the duration of the giveaway. Just enter the code 2Hdjy4rX at checkout. Guys – don’t forget they have a menswear section, too.

the giveaway is open to anyone anywhere in the world as Couverture & The Garbstore offers international shipping. readers outside the UK must please note that, as with all international shipping, you may be subject to your country’s customs charges / import duties upon arrivalthe giveaway ends on Wednesday 2 May, and the winner will be randomly selected in a lucky draw.

are you interested in sponsoring? find out more here or email me diana [at] for more information


  1. aoife macken says

    Stunning ring. Look so beautifully natural (& naturally belongs on my finger!). Ah come on I have finally grown my nails after 25 years of biting them. Showing EVERYBODY my hands so the ring will get epic promo too :)

  2. anna says

    come on, last weekend my first big love forced me to help him to choose a engagement ring,
    NOt for me! so this rose-silver-beauty would be the perfect compensation on my hand

    *and i`am actually really in love with this ring…so i would cherish this one*

  3. Catherine Luckhoff says

    I’ve been looking for an ‘unmarried’ ring to celebrate 10 special years and an amicable divorce, and this is it. May the good luck fairies be on my side :)

  4. Liza says

    Andy is the man! This rock is bananas. Couverture is great because of two reasons: 1- they sell amazing goods (two words: Rachel. Comey!) and 2- the word itself reminds me of chocolate. Reason enough to subscribe, you’d agree?

  5. Juanel says


  6. says

    Wow, that is the perfect ring. I hadn’t realised that that colour of gold had a name, but I’m glad to know now, as I now have a word for what I’m always looking for! I’d love to win it, but I’ll be sure to visit their store next time i’m in London.

  7. Sille says

    I’ve been checking out your blog a long time already, but its the first time i involve myself more by taking part in your giveaway competition… This ring is just amazing, cant stay away :D
    Plus, as i’m already writing this… I want to thank you for brightening my days with your lovely posts aswell :-)

  8. amy says

    oh wow, i’m in love! i’ve been wearing the same four rings on the same fingers for the past several years…i think this would be just the thing to shake up my routine!

  9. Molly says

    I’ve just learned how to wear rings (er…really), so would be a very grateful winner. Lusting after literally everything at Couverture & The Garbstore now – eek.

  10. says

    Subscribed – & I live in London so it doesn’t even need to travel very fair. Have a gorgeous quartz vintage outfit which would incredible with this ring.

  11. Gabriela Voglio says

    I cant take my eyes away from it, but I can’t sit by the computer all day. Better to have it on my finger so I can walk at the same time!

  12. Jennifer says

    This is one gorgeous ring. I love the rough look of it off the finger and the beautiful polished look of it on. Glad to subscribe to the newsletter.

  13. says

    Just subscribed, I am so excited its my first time on this site and I am in love<3 The ring is absolutly stunning and needs a home in my jewlery box please and thanks..xoxozelda

  14. says

    Wowee wow wow!!!! I would wear this ring every day! ..Just like I read your blog everyday. ;) Okay, so I’m sucking up here now… but it also happens to be completely true. Cheers and thanks for the great content always! x

  15. quemonique says

    this ring is amazing… i didn’t know rose silver existed but i wear a rose gold ring every day… maybe they’re long-lost twins? thanks for the chance… xo

  16. Joy says

    This is simply stunning. I don’t think I’d be able to get any work done if I had this on my hand, I’d just stare at it all day.

  17. Aimee says

    Thank you for showing me you can subscribe!
    I am always checking to see whats new, now I will get newsletters!
    You do the best giveaways, I love C & G and they are UK based!

  18. Chrissy says

    Always a little bit exciting to find out about a new and interesting shop in London – that I can actually visit in person and not just lust over online! Love this ring, perfectly simple with enough texture for some real interest (and it would look mighty fine on my finger:)

  19. says

    I live in Australia, and am lucky enough to be able to travel frequently – the one place I never, ever miss when in London is Couverture & The Garbstore. It pulls my heartstrings like no other.

  20. says

    What a wonderful ring, and a beautiful online shop! I have the hardest time picking out rings for some reason, but I feel as though I might have found my match with this one. A true gem (pun intended). :)

  21. Dionne says

    Just signed up and had my subscription confirmed!

    I’m really digging the natural stone jewelry that keeps popping up on my blog feed… anything too polished is too fussy for my personal wardrobe (really… I look like a kid playing dress up!) Fingers x’d!!!

  22. melanie says

    Wowzah! Just when I thought rose silver (or gold) couldn’t get any better…..BAM: a ring by Andy Lifschutz. Pick me, pick me! x

  23. Olivia says

    Beautiful, so beautiful! I’m not usually one to leave a comment for a giveaway, but this time I couldn’t pass up the (undoubtedly slim) opportunity!

  24. Morgan says

    … Steal? This ring is perfect, Thank you for sharing Miss Moss xx

    (Really can’t believe I’ve never visited Couverture & The Garbstore before. I worked in London for over a year! Will have to check them out on our next adventure in the city)


  25. Cee Lake says

    This is a stunning ring, love this jewellery and the unique hand crafted quality look. Exactly the kind of thing i love to wear and adore!

  26. says

    Wow! I’m really impressed with this store’s offerings and can’t wait to visit when I’m in London to search for my wedding dress. I immediately subscribed and put a shop visit on my burgeoning to-do list!

  27. Lisa says

    A beautiful ring. My hubby said he would buy me a ring for our 25th wedding anniversary next year. I will point him in this direction :).