i think about food all the time. and i don’t mean just eating it (of course) but always trying to answer the same questions – what am i going to eat for dinner? how can i NOT spend a crapload of cash on food? how can i not waste my food? how can i not resort to take-aways? what can i eat for lunch at my desk that isn’t a sandwich, every single day? etc. i find food blogs pretty overwhelming sometimes, and realistically i don’t want to make something that calls for more than 5 ingredients or a trip to the grocery store that fills up more than one bag.

The Forest Feast is a food blog by photographer and illustrator Erin Gleeson who, “inspired by local, seasonal ingredients in her weekly CSA box, has created a series of photographic recipe illustrations that are mostly vegetarian and laid out visually. The goal is to eventually create a Forest Feast Cookbook.” and i tell you, i’d buy that cookbook. not only for the visual aspect, but obviously for the simple & tasty looking recipes… plus Erin makes a mean cocktail.

all images courtesy of The Forest Feast


  1. OH MY GOD. Thanks for sharing this wonder of a website. :) I’m the same way as you – totally always thinking about food, but not wanting to but 500 things to get a decent meal. Love this! xx.

  2. This is so good! Finally something different in the food blogging world! Like you, I love food blogs but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by them since lately when I look at food blogs I have more and more the feeling to watch a competition for ” who is able to put up the most complicated recipe” prize. Simple food is the key and gorgeous photography of course, always a plus.

  3. Thanks for sharing this beautiful website. I remember eating “fairy bread” when I was little–bread with butter and rainbow sprinkles. It was so simple but so magical at the time. This all looks like grown-up fairy food! It’s so inspiring.

  4. Scott Stiller Reply

    What a beautiful, and unique take on wholesome eating. Will be recommending this to friends.

  5. These illustrated recipes are totally rocking my world. I like that the recipes are so easy that can fit all the instructions on the one image (and that the image happens to be a super awesome one). Makes it seem like the recipes are foolproof. Perfect for a gal who loves food but doesn’t always have lots of time to throw it all together.

    I don’t actually follow many food blogs but definitely adding this to the list. Great find, Diana. Two thumbs up!!

  6. this is gorgeous!! i couldn’t let go of the images, the colours, the instructions! she makes it look so simple, stylish and delicious and that is not easy to do… i see so many food blogs that are so full of… you know! :) hard things to buy and to accomplish! so this one is perfect!

  7. wow, what an amazing food blog! so carefully thought out and colorful.

  8. Thanks for sharing! I’m loving her blog now, bookmarked and all :)

  9. I am in love with your photography. It is whimsical, it mimics the way people who like to cook “think”, and the recipes are amazing. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Cindy – the photography, illustration & recipes are all done by Erin Gleeson (please see the introductory paragraph)

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