1. I blogged about his work before, but thanks for reminding me. I forgot how amazing his images are, I won’t to start experimenting with this technique right now!

  2. These are lovely!
    The picture of the boy with glasses with a mountain above his head is a young Jack Layton, a famous canadian politician who recently passed away

  3. These are absolutely incredible, I could stare at them for hours! How do you constantly find such inspirational artists and designers?

  4. I found the 3rd photo on the web but couldn’t remember the source. So thank you for posting and sourcing. You always find great inspiration! I love the storytelling of these, these seem deep and complex. Enjoy your day.

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  6. ATTN: these are all stolen copyrighted images that the “artist” did not ask permission to use… such a bummer. one of the photographs is of a friend and made by a friend, jody rogac…

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