man, i’m really loving Instagram. i was hooked since day one, but it’s great to see so many more people using it since the android integration, and so it’s popping up very regularly on my twitter and facebook feeds.

lately my photos have been all shoes shoes shoes and rugs rugs rugs… and the occasional pink drink. if you want to follow me on instagram my username is miss_moss (missmoss always seems to be taken, wherever i go)


  1. I love instagram so so much. You know you can order little books that contain all your photos.
    Still going to do that.

  2. I am in love with those rugs! Where did you get them? Im moving into a new place this June and need a rug but I am having trouble finding ones I like and that are not outrageously expensive.

  3. I love these photos! Your rugs are amazing – thanks for the tips on where to pick one up.
    I also love your wooden lamp!

  4. Are those Acne pistol boots? I’ve always admired them; are they comfortable?

    PS, your pink drink shot is very William Eggleston :o)

  5. Have followed you! I’ve only been it a month but I love how I can capture snapshots of my life.

  6. the picture with the shadow of the shoes – I used to do that so much with all my shoes back when spice girls were in style. of course, there was no instagram then and ruining a perfectly good film was not an option :)

  7. I enjoyed this so much Diana, thank you for the glimpse into your life.

    p.s. awesome boots! Aren’t you happy it’s finally boot-season? It’s getting pretty chilly on my side of the world too, and I’m so happy I can stop complaining about the heat for a few months :)


  8. I just found your blog. its amazing! i love your stripy sweaters, where did you get them? i would love to own one (especially the blue and white one)!

  9. just starting to get into instagram too! love seeing your photos pop up in my feed… awesome rugs, have been looking for something just like that!

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