Lambs Ear Shoes

Lambs Ear Shoes is a shop in Seattle that stocks an amazing range of shoes (amongst other beautiful wares, but i’m pretty taken by the shoes) from designers like a detacher, common projects, dieppa restrepo, steven alan, rachel comey and ld tuttle. you can peruse their range in their online shop and, best of all, they ship internationally. these buckle boots by plomo have my name written all over them.



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  1. says

    I love all of the flat sandals in this post! So many sandals are just a thin strip of sole, which is so uncomfortable! These seem to have a bit of padding!

    You should also check out It’s a Canadian store/website that ships internationally. Before I moved to Brisbane from Vancouver, I would go in there every week! It’s amazing!

  2. Meghan Dyer says

    how wonderful to see my favorite shoe store featured on my favorite blog! Lamb’s Ear has an incredible selection, i’m lusting after the nude sandals.