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Marc Jacobs Resort 2013

the second i saw the first image from the Marc Jacobs Resort 2013 collection all i could think was WOW! outfit after outfit after outfitwow, wow, wow. and if you’re about to comment about how crazy the shoes are or how you’d never wear such insanely bold colours all at once – i want to stop you right there. because this is rad and i won’t hear any of it.

Marc Jacobs’s resort collection was infused with a spirit of giddy optimism that drew on uplifting Pop Art color and print, and toyed with playful proportions that sampled the linear seventies, the puffball eighties, and the deconstructed nineties—all spun into a uniquely Jacobsian 2013 mix. – Hamish Bowles

i chose my ten favourite looks, but please go look at the entire collection over at Vogue.

all images courtesy of Vogue

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  1. Love the clothes, but once I saw the main model’s ultra-bony frame in the second shot, I started feeling uncomfortable. Look at the width of her ankles, yuck! I shudder to think of what a woman over size 00 would look like in these (gorgeous) dresses!

  2. Dress on first photo is lovely …. I don’t like other clothes nor shoes…Colors are mismatching, blue and red and sequins???
    I like seventies fashion but this is too ugly interpretation.

  3. I agree with Lynn’s comment above. I find it extremely difficult to fully appreciate beautiful clothing when the models wearing them are so atrociously and unhealthily thin like this. It would be so fabulous to see these dresses on full figured women! Never in Vogue though… *sigh*.

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