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Alexander Terekhov

i spend quite a lot of time on etsy and other shopping sites looking for the perfect floral skirt, so i couldn’t help but highlight the floral pieces from the fall winter 2012/13 lookbook of russian designer Alexander Terekhov. the entire collection is quite wonderful, but there’s just something about these women swanning around paris (i think it’s paris?) in blooming skirts and dresses that’s bound to make all the ladies out there rather envious.

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  1. I love this designer! I am forever looking for clothes that are nice but not too dressy, feminine but not too revealing, and yet still young looking. These are perfect! The prints are beautiful, they don’t look granny at all – just chic.

  2. I love that designers are getting so creative with their lookbooks, it helps the collections really come alive. The wonderful prints stand out against the city backdrop and the clever séparé. Perfect!

  3. Amazing and beautiful. The cuts look perfect and the palettes are so sophisticated.
    So bummed to see that these are apparently sold in Russia (and a few other E Euro places) !
    Oh well, it’d probably be a bigger bummer if they were sold in the US because the look really pricey and I would just have to be covetous.

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  5. I love Alexander Terekhov, just made a post about him today. I love how he manages to make a woman feminine and seductive without plunging necklines or mini skirts. He is a favorite with fashion it-girls from russia, Ulyana Sergeenko wore his clothes a lot before starting her own collection. I really love his style. nice blog, by the way;)

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