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Stuff Lately

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left: did you know pineapples grow like this? well, i didn’t. seen in the greenhouse at babylonstoren. right: we had the most amazing margaritas, empanadas, pork tacos and tres leches cake at orinoco in bree street

finally got to check out the beautifully styled tamboers winkel (de lorentz street, just off kloof). we indulged in a poached pear and blackforest ham sarmie and cauliflower & vanilla soup (yummo)

visited my favourite furniture shop space for life

…and was really tempted to buy this guy (left) which would have been perfect to house my new plant (right)

got some cool gifts lately – sandals from A.P.C. (dreamy) and a personalised marmite bottle (rad)

anton got this wooden chandelier from david krynauw & (unrelated) we made fruit balloons for amy’s 30th

other than that it’s been cold and rainy at times, which calls for lots of tea.

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  1. Rachel Townsend says

    Just wanted to say Thanks, Always really enjoy your posts, all the incredible things you see, find or buy and photograph.
    The table is gooorgeous you should buy it (i love it), Cups of tea rock and the cup and saucer are soooo sweet.
    Rainbows are one of my favorite things since i was little and double rainbows – ‘they’ say are good luck :.)
    The balloons are so sweet and Seeing how pineapples grow – is a first for me too = Very cool.

    You really Rock MISS MOSS

    <3 Rachel

  2. I had to do a double take (pun…intended) at that rainbow, we just had one exactly like it in Seattle! I’d go crazy in that furniture shop, no doubt.

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